dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

...and the power's out...

so maybe I'll go to bed
early for me

we had a few flickers this evening
after watching S01E04 of 6ft Under and the Chinpokomon episode of Southpark
Leo decided to go to sleep
half way down the stairs the lights flickered a few more times and went out...
for the night, I imagine

living in the city so long (...) I've forgotten the capricious nature of electricity in the county

what a grateful respite for an electricity addict like myself
(as I tap hungrily at this little screen... hours til it goes dark of course... but I won't drink it dry tonight...)

I brushed my teeth by candle light
then went out on the deck
to gaze over the valley
everything still covered with snow
the clouds fast and thin now
the moon
reflecting the sun in its soft blue spectrum
reflected in the fluffy ice
on all the trees and all the ground

today is the first storm of winter
blew the tender clinging browning leaves from their branches

I've been cooking butter all day
and smoking St Bea's Bread
making me more embodied in my emotions
bringing out my Kapha and Vata, ya
(with drawl for me flares my Pita)

today I've been here a Month
the moon is full again
today I have thought of all of my friends
wishing to be with them
doing yoga
hiking around
massaging eachother
cooking for eachother
eating together
playing music

all of you
I love you
I am grateful
forgive my crazy judgements of all of us
and know I'm aiming at being the most amazing creature it is possible for me to be

someone left a comment about Stoneflies on my flickr
I looked it up today
"braided wings"
commonly known as StonerFlies
they are very simple
often found in fossils
develop in water
one species is the only insect that lives it's entire life in water
most just spend the majority of their lives as nymphs in water
four years or so
eventually maturing to adulthood
where they become terrestrial
... though they are famous for their wings
they aren't very good fliers
and once they break the surface
as adults
they live only a few days to a couple of weeks

I have patience
it will all find its way in time
no need to rush it

good night



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