dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

when you're born

when you're born
the shock of arriving
is enough to throw many into a stupor
getting your bearings can take some time
for some
it's a matter of learning the language they are born into
for others
it's learning to pilot the body
to speak all the things one is already aware of knowing

but piloting the body isn't as simple as just steering the tongue
sometimes it's how to use the entire technology

let's imagine you die right now
(what's "die" mean?)
your consciousness is unchanged
you died in an instant
(mmm, car crash? heart attack? aneurism...? or did you just close your eyes and slip out of your life)
you open you're eyes and you're
hanging up-side-down
covered in blood
gasping for air

unless you remember how to pilot a baby
(from when you were a baby... remember?)

even if you remembered English after switching brains
(op, gotta even install the operating system... as best as you can remember it... and how compatible it is with your new hardware...)
how long would it take to train your tongue to make those shapes?
build the muscles up to make complete sentences...

but even if your remember English
and all that
you're born in south America
do you think by the time you understood the language and learned to speak it
while learning how to pilot a new body and strengthen it to a useable vessel
would you, by then, remember who you are?
you'd have changed by then anyway
and it would probably take plenty of time before you were able to look at yourself in that other life and how it integrates and harmonizes with what you've done in this one
or what you're doing
if you're able to reach back in the present tense

in the dark surrounded by fluid



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