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Vertical Prose

November 16th, 2010

sketching out understandings of human actions in dysfunctional relationships @ 06:08 pm

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Date:November 17th, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)

Re: nice


my argument comes from the fact that many big older bottom guys that i know aren't looking for rampant sex in the way the tops i know are
a lot of guys that are geared as tops want to fuck a lot of different guys
want to get their cocks sucked by anyone who's around
where as bottom guys tend to be more desirous of one guy they can call their own
it's not so much about sexual monogamy as it is about commitment
another comment i got talked about the psychick receptivity of the bottom as well
and that's very true
especially if you're taking cum up your ass
you're not just afraid of disease from many men
it's just too much to take: a whole bunch of people's emotions
it's overwhelming
that's why i don't like bottoming all the time
i mean
i'll such cock all the time
but that's not having random people pump their root chakra directly into my root chakra
pumping it into my throat chakra allows me a lot more control over how i filter it and disperse it
. . .

Monogamy is about sexual energy and very much about seed
let's say there is two kinds of monogamy
and the taking of someone's seed is much more intense than playing with someone

that's the difference between the gay term of "playing" and "breeding" right?
you're not a cum pig, are you?
and you've already told me about your emotional drive
you love sex
but often you would just rather do it with your husband
you like the idea of it all over the place
but you prefer the action of it in his realm

and my initial writing was a bit flat and monodirectional
i'm glad for the comments i've got coz it's given me a better perspective

thank you for recommending the book
yes, i'm loving it
and even though i forgot about it for a while (lost in the world of my iPhone)
i was very grateful to find it today

love ya!

and this is the big problem with me living out here
i love being in NYC coz at this hour of the night (11pm) i can call Leo or someone else in CA and chat away late into the night
but at this hours in CA it's 2am in NYC and you're asleep
THIS is the hour i'm free and would love to chat
but everyone is sleeping

so i'm typing...

i'm going to sleep outside again tonight
hope it's not too cold
the sky is so beautiful
last night i saw three shooting stars
but had jacked off a few times before getting out there
so was really tired by the time i lay down and fell asleep pretty quick
not tonight... NO!

i'm off now




Vertical Prose