dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

mmmm, skittles

green pants
nineteen seventies
in his sixties
but drinks snapple
glasses, he may have borders David Byrne's hair
a polyester sports style bag
he's dressed for something else tonight
and sitting behind him at 90°
a short woman
who's feet barely reach the floor
pale plumpy short legs
skin sandals
blending into the dirtesque flooring
her skirt matches the era
with flowers printed in oranges and pinks
topped with a red blouse a color Izod would have used
her hair is dreaming of Mama Cass

the orange and yellow seats as a background creates a relationship with the woman in purple
oh that was just her bag
she's also reminiscing of sports tonight with her tight black pants to the knee and her loose navy t-shirt
terrible white tennis shoes on
but they feel like they may actually have a use
instead of some half assed boring blank attempt at masculine virility
like the hair style she got from Ellen...
that's the only color that's out of place


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