dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

"mother... Mary... China white... give me peace.. love... and a hard cock

so, today was quieter

no plans
so i just slept in

it felt like i slept forever
from about 11pm to... about 8am
but it just felt so LONG
and i woke up very groggy
mom already at breakfast

i was so tired.

i arrived after most everybody had eaten
but it was story time
and many people sat around telling stories...

Marsha is a Medium, she lives in Orange County
she recounted many tales of Ghost Busting
(this actually happened)
she knows how to tell tales and leave people hanging
build the suspense
and then give a dramatic finish.

Josie told stories about her time living on the Navajo reservation
she has three books out
you can research them on line
author "Josie Ravenwing"
she told stories of songs and vision questing and the strange circumstance that led her there.

it is amazing to me that live will do EVERYTHING for you
if you ask
then listen

sometimes i forget...
and i was't able to concentrate much today...

i after a simple breakfast of fruit
i collapsed back in the room
and though we were meant to meet up with some of Josie's friends
some Indians from the Funlio tribe
mother suggested i rest
and i had to agree
coz not only was i tired as hell
but just then the rain started pouring down

so i started a meditation
energy pulsing and buzzing through me

i drifted out for about two hours to let my body and soul be worked on...

when i woke
my lust was back up
and i was surprised by this

part of the requirements for people who get surgeries
is that one must be abstinant for 40 days after the operation.

but i am the only person in the group who hasn't got a surgery
so i worked myself up over fantasies and past occurances
not only because i have been waking up every moring with a hardon every day since i have been here
but i figured i would rather use it as a focused healing energy
than a wet dream

see, i feel i still have a bit of the ghonnorea
which is fine, i am not having sex
but i certainly don't want any infections raging in me
and i am eating lots of fruit
sugar to fuel it...

drank some Malva tea again today
and spent some energy on that healing

then took a shower
and just after
mother arrived back
(yeah, i had a brief instant of wondering if i would be caught... kinda funny)

we went out for a walk
to visit the other Massage therapist in town

well, there are millions
but the Entity asks that no one who comes there does healing work of any kind
but those he permits
and he's only permitted two in town

Sophia, who mother made an appointment with yesterday (for next wednesday evening)
who is only 20 and has mostly worked on children
her touch is very gental

and Charon
who has a huge estate,café/house thing
he is full of Pita
dark eyes and hair
firey energy
some say getting a massage from him is like being beaten with bats
and he makes you be naked with no sheet!

it sounds like his massage is similar to mine
but perhaps not as loving and carressing
but i don't know
however, i felt it was what i needed

so we went to his place
and made an appointment for me

it was so beautiful..
and very Upper-Class
you can tell he's spent some time in northern california
i am looking forward to the session

then we walked back to the pousada
where i left mother
and went off to the waterfall again

today there was no one
so i just took off my clothes and bathed naked
( i asked the spirits there if it was OK first... and they said YUP )

much better naked
much better alone

i sang and prayed
and focused
and felt SO much better

as i was leaving
the boy who gave me the prayer i was curious about
he, with his medium-length long hair
and his friend with the long long hair

odd, how there are so many people here
but we keep running into the same ones

but i wasn't interested in staying around

i walked back up
and talked with a Mare and her Foal for a while

got back to the Pousada and had a wonderful dinner of the brazilian version of Tamales, called Pamonha (pronouced "pah-mon-yha")
and pizza
many varieties
with eggs and olives...
and bannanas, sugar and cinnamon

i am SO thankful that i get to be in one place for a while
and do very little else but heal, rest and EAT
i want to get a bit FAT
so that my next leg of travelling does't require me to eat things i don't want to...


the indians today were interesting
i am sad i missed them
everyone in the group bought head-dresses
of exotic feathers
all costing at least 100us$
some more
and that tribe is a specific healing tribe
so one of the men did healing on everyone
mom said she was shaking and sweating and crying...
said it was amazing...
and one of our ladies
wears a Third-eye Tiara all the time
made of copper, silver and gold
with an amythist crystal over the third eye
she's been wearing it 10 years
says she wears it because Jesus told her to
and she has to, she loves him so much...
the indian told her she was his sister
and gave her a huge extra special head dress...
mom.. has issues with her
tries to avoid her as much as possible
... kinda an energy vampire...
mom said "he thinks you're pretty special"
and the woman replied "well, i am Mother Mary..."

tonight they were going to do a special dance/ritual for us
but not if it rained...
well, after dinner the rain was falling hard
so i decided to go out on a walk and find them on my own
seeing that they wouldn't be dancing
their shop might be open
i could see it myself, on my own...

feeling my same family-time-teen-age-desire-for-isolation
i went out walking...
and i thought i knew where it was
but never found it...

however, i was surprised and gladden'd to see
that only a block away from our pousada
brazil came back...
this whole time here i have been enjoying it
but it hasn't felt like i have been brazil
compared to what i had experienced earlier
so many white people and new age stuff...

but here was the little bars and dirty streets and crumbling walls and exhaust fumes...

a couple of interactions i could not communicate

but it made me happy

and then i found this cheaper and more individual internet place
in a pizza parlour
where i must now bid Adieu
as i am heading home to sleep

ta ra...

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