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Prelude for the year 3001

this song found me again tonight

it had been given to me by my Leo Lover in Amsterdam
a Tango Singer from Paraguay...
he kept me on my knees
kept my eyes staring after him with his beauty

i read "The Beauty of the Husband" in various book stores around the city
28 tangos
"on a june evening, hold...hold beauty"

"i'll be reborn"

my lover taught me
gave me the sheet to read in front of the class
i did
and found the song eventually
a war march
so dramatic and tortured

today it was back in my head
a prelude to the new year
some new year or other

i just read the lyrics
and thought
when could i ever post this?

now, obviously
as a journal goes
i've stayed up all night
my body is sore
i'm going to sleep now
but first
i'll leave you with this song
(which actually follows my last post quite well
but mostly in that which i didn't say, only drew around)



Prelude for the year 3001

Music by: Astor Piazzolla
Lyrics by: Horacio Ferrer

Version en castellano

Renaceré en Buenos Aires en otra tarde de junio
con esas ganas tremendas de querer y de vivir.
Renaceré fatalmente, será el año 3001 
y habrá un domingo de otoño por la Plaza San Martín.
Le ladrarán a mi sombra los perritos vagabundos,
con mi modesto equipage llegaré del más allá
y arrodillada en mi Río de la Plata lindo y sucio,
me amasaré otro incansable corazón de barro y sal
y vendrán tres lustrabotas, tres payasos y tres brujos, 
mis inmortales compinches gritándome!fuerza ché!
Nacé, nacé, dale vida, metéle hermano que es duro
pero muy bueno el oficio de morir y renacer.
Renaceré, renaceré, renaceré, 
y una gran voz extraterrestre me dará la fuerza antigua 
y dolorosa de la fé para volver, para creer, para luchar.
Tendré un clavel de otro planeta en el ojal, 
porque si nadie ha renacido, yo podré.
Mi Buenos Aires, siglo treinta, ya verás, 
renaceré, renaceré, renaceré.
Renaceré de las cosas que he querido mucho, mucho,
cuando los dioses de casa digan bajito "volvió",
yo besaré la memoria de tus ojos taciturnos
para seguirte el poema que a medio hacer me quedó,
renaceré en las frutas de un mercado con laburo
y de la mugre serena de un romántico café, 
de un sideral subterráneo, Plaza de Mayo a Saturno
y de una bronca de obreros en el sur, renaceré,
pero verás que renazco en el año 3001
y con muchachos y chicas, que no han sido y que serán,
bendeciremos la tierra, tierra nuestra y te lo juro
que a Buenos Aires de nuevo nos pondremos a fundar.

English version:

I'll be reborn in Buenos Aires in another June afternoon
with a tremendous desire to love and to live.
I'll be reborn fatally, it will the year 3001
and there will be a Autumn Sunday at San Martin square.
Little stray dogs will bark at my shadow,
with my modest baggage I'll arrive from the beyond
and kneeling down on my dirty and pretty River Plate,
I'll knead me another tireless heart of mud and salt
and three shoe shiners, three clowns and three sorcerers will come, my immortal accomplices cheering: Hey, you, let's go!
Be born, be born, let's go life, go ahead brother that it is hard
but good the task to die and to be reborn.
I'll be reborn, I'll be reborn, I'll be reborn,
and a great extraterrestrial voice will restore the strength, old
and painful, of the faith to return, to grow, to fight.
I'll wear a carnation from another planet on my lapel,
because if nobody has reborn, I will.
My Buenos Aires, thirtieth century, you'll see, 
I'll be reborn, I'll be reborn, I'll be reborn.
I'll be reborn of the things that I loved so much, so much,
when the gods at home softly tell, "he came back,"
I'll kiss the memory of your sleepy eyes
to continue the poem that I left incomplete half way through,
I'll be reborn in the fruits of a working marketplace
and from the serene filth of a romantic cafe,
from a sidereal subway, Plaza de Mayo to Saturn
and from an uprising of workers in the South, I'll be reborn,
but you'll see that I'm reborn in the year 3001
and with boys and girls, who have not been and will be,
I'll bless the land, our land and I swear to you
that we will found Buenos Aires again.
I'll be reborn...

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