dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


this day started the same
ending last night at today's Dawn
watching horrible videos about the gulf oil spill
the history of the real Von Trapp family
and herbal ideas on how to euthanize my best friend who just got diagnosed with cancer...
when I woke this morning I continued in the same vein with some animal cruelty video


but today was different
I did mudra meditation in bed
which led to pushups and pull ups
making myself Indian leftovers
watching episode 4 of Heroes
which Felt inspiring
I went out to the beach again
but the sun was the star today
the sun and mulberries

I came home
and began directly with the dishes
the laundry
and cleaning the bedroom

Daniel got here around 9:30
we didn't see any of the fireworks
though we tried
he and his friend Dan came back to my place for some sustenance
then we headed to the cave

five minutes from my door

apparently Indians used to live there
we spent a good while cleaning it
lots of broken glass
crack pipes
drug bags

we smudged it with mugwort from the riverside
filled it with smoke!
lay down a red sheet
three singing bowls

the three of us
and salvia divinorum

it was the perfect ending to my birthday counting
and crystalized an idea I have to get out of myself with my postings, we'll see

( if you're interested, we recorded most of it. it's three and a half hours and is filled with some great conversations, music and screaming. mostly absurd. fill your space with the cave and spend the night with us... )

we got back to my place after 4
then set out to data transfer, studying (Daniel has a quiz) and tea
it's seven now
and I kinda have a full day ahead...
so I'll head to dreams for a while
maybe exhaustion will put me to sleep on time tonight

mars was so beautiful...
the moon conjunct Jupiter
so beautiful

thank you for all in existence
I'm grateful to be one of the caretakers
(even as an agent of entropy)



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