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Vertical Prose

June 30th, 2010

32.28 @ 11:33 pm

many months ago I bought an album from iTunes of traditional Mongolian music
in an aboriginal mood
went there to get a record of african music
found that

I've recently met this man that is mainly interested in ancient musics
he sings in languages I don't understand
in a braying voice
indicative of an entirely different purpose of music

my gigantic bloated music library has been offering up its children that can dance with him
I've been listening to music from along the Silk Road
which I have been loving
but today...
(maybe because I'm operating on three hours sleep, just ate a heavy meal after teaching yoga...)
the Mongolian music touched me in a way that the others haven't

I remember the van
endlessly jostling us across the steppes
the green in every direction
those faces like masks of leather
wind blown

a strange nostalgia
for traveling?
for a leg of a journey?
for a culture like none I've ever seen elsewhere?

today I went to the King Tut Discovery exhibit
it was kinda like a Ripley's museum
Times Square
what else could be expected

but really...
it made me want to research those old gods
to walk that valley of kings
feel the banks of the Nile...

I doubt my yearning is just about my not traveling
the world is so great and fascinating
there is so much more to see
(than this)

(I wonder yet what I am doing here)

(is my hair getting too thin?)

(shouldn't I just cave in?)

I'm still wrestling...


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Date:July 1st, 2010 01:02 pm (UTC)
Is your Mongolian music the throat singers of Tuva? I had the chance to hear them in concert earlier this year--they are simply amazing!

Vertical Prose