dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


the weekend was practicing languidity
as if cats
we ate
and napped
indulged in nip
fine wines
flights of fancy
self preening
and plenty of petting

only the slightest of cat fights

laying naked in the sun on a lawn made of moss
staring at the beautiful rare flower (indian pipe: no cloryphil)
doing yoga (me at least)
sweating in the sun

some were more productive than others
when i indulge that much I am completely useless
though I often feel that way around those
their productivity holds an inertia that keeps them flowing even in the most relaxed of times
I made allowances for my recovery
but really
to remain functional with them I'd have to entirely abstain from then inebriants...
so many flows to fight against

we had fun in the forest
took a few hundred pictures of eachother naked on the rocks

more beautiful food
(the night before there was wrestling after dinner, drinker wrestling... that snapped me into clarity... ended before any mess was made; my partner went and passes out in response... and earlier, on the dance floor, that Teddy bear turned Grizzly and I was certain he could have devoured me... of course I enjoyed dancing that edge: who wouldn't want to be devoured by such beauty?)

grateful again
having to pass through the gates of automobile traffic
stuck in jams
navigating horrid strip mall streets to get back to beautiful park-ways home

where I jumped quickly into doing four loads of laundry (active back in my space? or the cold water splash of the energy of NYC?)
a man I met on the Internet met me around 9 or so
we quickly retired to
bed and continued the languid laying around
all furry and cuddly
with two hour intermission to change and empty the dryers

I passed out (with him) before getting to post this
but here's a lovely picture from yesterday with some braids in my hair



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