dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


I was taking the arbitrary calendar for granted
Astrological Progression supposes one degree of progression of the
natal sun(ephemerically)
that's one day per year
but the heavens do not align to man's mind
(room for surprises)

so I've been studying more about Vedic Astrology (another kettle of
fish, we're not looking that way right now)
and though to check my Ephemeris and see just how the actual
(tropical) degrees lined up with the days
a little loose
so really
I'm giving a leap day today
to account for some of the slips
it seems my full solar progression will not be complete this year til
July 5th

there will be one more leap day

a new year
in another way

what are you dreaming about?

the friend I woke up next to said his dreams turned him anxious just
before waking
I had the good sense to throw my arms and legs around him
and bring him into the day feeling good
rabbit rabbit

let's talk of friends like that
conscious, he said, not to be an energy drain
he never has been for me
(though he has been a great cause of self-inflicted grief... it was
part of our agreement back then)
but always
when he touches me
he has an amazing ability to bring me fully into my body emotionally
snapping me out of whatever head-land i might be lost in

he's one of the rare people I usually sleep well with
I often slide in next to him
my arm under his head
and just melt into sleep
if he snores
it's never bothered me

and he's beautiful

today he took me to meet an old friend of his we ran into at the final
days of the Marina Ambramovic show at the MoMa
a guy I fell in love with the moment I saw him

after spending the day with him
I'm fully in love with him
what's cool is
he's ASexual
which simplifies things
I don't have to want that, or worry about it, or push for it.
it's just removed from the equation

he's brilliant (and beautiful in mine eyes) and crazy in a wu that is
a good match for me and true in a way unlike most I've dealt with

I think I will learn music with him

new prospects

today was beautiful from start to finish
after that
I went to Spa Castle and met friends there
perfect for ending this sickness shit I'd been dealing with
kick off that crysalis
on to new things, yes

but first
-- I am looking a bit gaunt
perhaps it's just that I've been avoiding dairy for three weeks and am
mostly clear of mucous now
which tends to make faces look deflated
but this pic makes me look far too meak!



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