dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


I can see a lot of life in you

I'm sure you've got something to hide
I took your bag and looked inside
I was looking for life

perhaps I like the big bodies for their boldness of manifesting so
much in the gross element of earth
I'm a tornado
and imagine my chakras burning in the wind like windmills in a hurricane
flairing thirty feet out from my heart, my navel, my mind
my throat is an orb the overtakes the entire room

I used to walk around with an aura fifty feet wide
all heads would turn when I walked in
so rudely invading their space

could they say?
could they put their fingers on?
did they all have an innate understanding if lacked at birth!
or did I know it then and just played too much of the forgetful trick
to get through this life
how it all works
rules of the game

a friend
showed me with his hands
running them over the surface of his arms:
I keep myself inside my skin
it's so much less complicated
when you're all spread put like that you just naturally pick up so
much flotsam..."
but, being young and brash
I just flaired it out more

times like these
picture perfect
I feel exhausted, over fired
but I also go through and feel my heart and root snapped shut like
trap doors
must be some trick I was playing on myself

but where's the spiritual crowbar when this shit happens?

a bit of both
and the sun
and the sea
those fresh breezes
in the top of a tree

smoking my pipe
with his hand on my chest
holding his balls
bringing down karen
not sharp and harsh
but fluid and oily

opening up and drink from the infinite tit
and live



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