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Vertical Prose

December 23rd, 2004

WELCOME BACK @ 09:42 pm

Current Music: Hunter-Björk-Homogenic

i got a driver's lisence
got my passport
my mobile phone

got a laptop, digital camera
and 200 hundred books
too many clothes to wear all at one time

but not a kelly-green button-down like i wanted today..

8 pairs of boots
and a hankerin' for a home...

"welcome back boy, settle in and stay a while"

i went to the Bank today and set up a
Saving's account
a Secure Credit Card (to build my credit coz i never have before...)
and a Checking account
(so i can use paypal... a lot of people i've seen lately have this "donate" button... what a great idea! sometimes people hand me cash out of ability and appreciation anyway... now it can be done so randomnly on line, eh?)

now i can buy things
now i'm a full grown man

i don't need to borrow your phone
or your credit card number
or your computer
or your shoes

i'm responsible for what i do
and i'm making a future for myself
putting something away...


i'm giving myself til the Equinox to decide if i'm going to buckle down and get an apartment and be stationary in my own place for a few years
or head out of this country to tackle my other desires

any votes?
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Date:December 24th, 2004 07:33 am (UTC)
did you cut your hair off?
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Date:December 24th, 2004 10:22 am (UTC)
i didn't cut my hair off
that picture is from 2001
i have it labled "convict" in my pic list...

are you petitioning?

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Date:December 24th, 2004 04:22 pm (UTC)
After my midly disaterous attempt at travel and being "free" I came to the conclusion that being stationary vs being non-staionary really came down to what you wanted to worry about. Do you want to worry about how you are going to make the money or do you want to worry while you are making the money. I'm not sure which is better.
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Date:December 24th, 2004 07:03 pm (UTC)
oh god
i hope i don't worry about making money
that's incredibly tedious

i don't think that's my issue
i've been "free" for so long now
i just want to walk the same streets for a whlie
come back to the same place consistently for a bit
and have it be MINE instead of borrowed
which is really what all this is about:
coming into myself
after going a long way out of the way

i don't know
i haven't been thinking of worry
i guess i've been worrying...
i think the only thing i'll worry about if i get a place is all the adventure i'll miss out THERE
but i'm telling myself now:
i'll be experiencing a completely different type of adventure

Vertical Prose