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Dis-Ease? HA!

i was gathering wood outside
found an entire tree that had been cut down
cut into thirds
big pieces
in decending order...

the largest gouged my hand
made a long rip across the palm towards the wrist

i winced through it
and carried up the hill
handing it up to Leo on the upper poarch
so we could burn it all night for the solstice.

then the blood started oozing out

i went to the kitchen and washed my hand thoroughly with Dr Bronner's Lavender Soap

and then held it out from me
not touching anything
and hardly moving my hand
for about 4 hours
( i took a nap )

not exactly a stigmata

i haven't washed my hand or got it wet or used it vigoursly since then
it's been about three days now

i still have a dark line of clotted blood across my palm

i will wash it tomorrow
- it's healed

in the years where i was sick all the time
i came to an understanding
that my body couldn't heal coz i was FUCKING with it all the time

but i realized if i would lay back
and just step out of the way
my body would step up and start puting things in their right place..

the body is a miracle
i don't know how the fuck it all keeps time
keeps that amazing symphony going all the time
in all the waves and rolls of rhythms...

the wonderful thing about Yoga... pranayama... Qi-Gung... Reiki...
these things don't DO anything (mostly)
they just get the ego/mind out of the fucking way
AND makes it a happy little child by telling it to go gather more energy for the body to care for itself

the body can heal everything if you let it

sometimes you really really have to get out of the way
and stop pouring poisonous shit down it all the time and fast

my, but i am digressing.

my good friend Bridget said
"what this culture needs is to pick and apple off a tree and bite into it and leave it on the porch for a few days so some bugs can come land and eat on it and maybe some mold would grow and THEN go back and eat the whole damn thing"

yeah, it's great that we're all living so much longer and everything
but the stringent cleaning that most people subject themselves and their environments to forces people to be as weak as a child having never experienced anything

(and all you lovers and parents out there, let this be a warning to ye: you child/lover is much more enriched by life when they get to get OUT there and have all sorts of wonderful and terrible things happen to them)

our love is so fixated on Protection...
our habits keep us as far away from experiencing what is happening to us as possible..

i had this friend in Amsterdam
his name is
Dirty Danny

if you type that into google
i believe it brings up a picture of him.

Danny hasn't washed his body in 25 years
neigh! 27 now!
no soap!
no water!

when i was living in amsterdam
he paid me 20 quid to clean his sink
-- he hadn't washed anything in it for a year!
mold and bugs...

Danny doesn't get sick...

is it the constant tobbaco smoke that protects him?
or the balanced level of alcohol he always keeps in his blood?

(his idea of a good night out was sitting under a bridge with homeless guys getting totally piss-faced drunk)

his body has the sweet scent of a compost heap

he never takes his closthes off
(it was kinda frustrating for me sexually, but i got into it)

his bed was dark and oily
(though the sheets had been white)
littered with ash and other... stuff

he tasted so wonderful...

his beard long down to his belly
i would lick him all over
kiss him as much as possible

he wasn't really into fucking or even blow jobs all that much
though i sucked him off a few times
it was mostly just rubbling and wrassling...
i cracked one of his ribs

but i'm getting distracted again...

a friend told me that it makes sense...
it take about 8 months or so for the body to balance all the bacteria and hormones, etc.. to keep the body a balance ecosystem when it's not being cleaned...

i've not showered myself now in over a week
and my armpits have stopped STINKING
they're now balancing out into an amber musk

my balls are sweet
i sometimes fondle them and then rub it in my mustache...

but i was going to talk about illness and germ theory..

if the immune system is actually tempered
and in balance
most germs present no problem

if the body is kept at a healthy PH
that is, balanced or more alkaline
most bacteria and parasites and viri can't even root in the body
much less survive and thrive

(it is the constant barrage of proteins and sugar and in-digestible processed pap crap that FEEDS them and makes the body a fertile next for infection)

and someone who actually checks in with themselves from time to time
rides the waves of their emotions
but knows the shores and banks
has nothing to fear from a virus

a virus is not alive
it is a simple protein case containing a strand of RNA

RNA is half the double helix of DNA
(or, as some theorize, some DNA is more than double... but up to 12 [or more?] strands)
there is a type of RNA called rRNA
a virus is that kind
that is
it goes into your DNA (of any cell)
and re-writes it.

like you listening to a radio program... or television program..
and being programed by it
beleiving one idea or another
til it changes the way you think
or feel

like the fear factor in america now
the terroist scare
the plague fears
the code orange
all that scarcity bullshit that keeps everyone's nose to the grindstone til there faces are completely worn off

there are many different ways our beings get erased and replaced

virus is just a story
it's tricky, sometimes to hear what a story is saying
but then
it's tricky to know what you're own thoughts and feelings are if you're not paying attention to them.

take warts, for example
it's old hat that the general story of a Wart is "UGLY"

"i love him, warts and all"

a friend of mine grew up in Alabama
and his great aunt was a famous "Wart Talker"
and this is true!
there is a brand of folk medicine down there that is well respected
where a healer will literally Talk to your warts til they leave.

like my old lover R
telling me how he got rid of the warts he had on his hands his whole life
only then realizing that he wasn't really ugly and didn't need to be rejected..

i had lots of warts growing up

i took mushrooms once with a lover
... it was the first time i felt my own boundaries feel surpassed
i lay next to him dreaming his dreams...
and then
down where the warts were
it was like a cartoon
"you're ugly, you're dirty.. no one will ever love you..."
yeah for mushrooms
i became my own cartoon and went down there and said
"FUCK OFF-- i don't need to listen to you anymore and you're are not allowed to be in me anymore"

my interest in science as a kid also gave me another tool for this
its called "interferon"
it's the chemical that cells produce to tell other cells about viruses
it doesn't kill viruses
it just doesn't let them in
i told all my cells
' hey guys, if these fuckers come a-knocking tell them to go to shit... we don't need em '

in two weeks
they were all gone
well, that's when i noticed they were gone anyway.

i was just eating a very ripe persimmon
and looked at my hand
and was happy to know i would wash it tomorrow morning and use it almost as normal again
and wanted to share this brand of crazy with anyone it might benifit

encouraging people not to believe things that make them feel powerless and trapped
to use their imagination and create the world as they would wish it to be
spend their life on that
instead of "preparing for the worst"
develop a report with their reality

and share it
with us


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