dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

testing dragon dictation: discussing the nature of reality

I don't mean to be Suzanne about everything. It's just reality is completely and totally malleable and kind of arbitrary supreme much anything you come up with you can deal with any way to imagine any story can you please send proof you just believe it's most useful see with the top and what's most practical what's most powerful I'm so including images with the suggestion feature mind feed your imagination saying I want to increase my healing decrease my disease going on course you have cold to get cold sore how cold to put pictures of sex sites package sent the bodies to show's you have 10 simple exercises you can do that or come to my Bernard meaning that you probably have never done that before have to select some money for virtual but not want to taste much time that would keep you from doing it but it's just a series of things you do that when you're getting it you're thinking all these things I'm doing are causing ceiling in myself and in your mind you these pictures of the site is a transgenic T cells doing it will work or power being compacted in Europe Don Ken her third chakra think that asked Sager actions her later spend time using your imagination using your body using your physical vital energy making things have to make a difference in your life and 10 I should do this sooner your life changes is anything you spend time on changes her life masturbating at computer for 17 hours a day changes your life is certainly working for a cubicle for 360 I'll get changes you want anything you do changes your life because realities completely suggestible you just have to put the African community to your friends all doing it going saying is anything you come up with you combine your imagination what time and action and intent of service management should content action and time you contract that's how you attracted to you because of the fingers me Adams and now in the matter for Ally's call for change and make it what you want me to see experiments how your night was and how hard vacation so this weird dictation software to totally f*cked up everything saying that's okay because the secret passage and keep making your figured out how much and we'll need anything is if you figure it out yourself


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