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Vertical Prose

April 13th, 2010

fucking drop it already @ 09:55 am


you're pissing me off
Really? Terrorism Again?
I thought we were getting over it?
I understand it's good TV
and you're shy and greedy
want what you want
find it hard to compromise with the people you're fucking over
and have integrity with yourself
but really
do you need another 2000 years of blood?
Kali Yug and all that
I get it
but every mother fucker and his brother is reading articles in the paper about Plans in the Polish Crash
and the Plots to destroy the Subways
and Oprah
and I'm sick of it

it goes way beyond any sort of fear factor I have
I'm just tired of seeing the same fucking episode of Reality TV all the time cuz no one can come up with anything else to do
It's not That Entertaining!
Fucking Drop It Already!
find some new toys to play with
Root Chakra being Threatened by The Boogey man is Boring
been done to death
and always leads to the same thing

come up with some new games to play, please
have a party over some dead queen
and stop being such control freaks

I really do want to show up to the party
but I'm not participating in this drama, got it?

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Date:April 13th, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
Yep. The Circle of Blood/Fear/Death frenzy is tired, repetitive, a total dead end, and mortals just can't get enough of it, the way they obsess endlessly over the "coming Apocalypse." Boooooooringggggg.

Vertical Prose