dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


someone told me he's not interested in reading my journal
unless it has more FACTS in it
where i was, when, what i was doing

that i what i started doing with this journal
but i have degenerated into my old schtick of just writing about my thoughts and feelings

i'll try and give the Facts somewhat regularly..

Leo bought me a year of paid membership on Live Journal for a gift!
i was going to do it myself, but he gave it to me, yeah!

in the last week
i watched
"Devil's Playground"
"Pink Flamingos"
"Female Trouble"
"the works of Michel Gondry"
"the Order" by Mathew Barney

finished reading two books
"Further Tales of the City"
"Roger's Recovery from AIDS"

bought some CD's on line as gifts from my mother
"Woven: 8-bit monk"
"the Kings of Conveinience: Riot on an Empty Street"
"Badly Drawn Boy: One plus One equals One"
"Rufus Wainwright: Want 2"

i ate a whole round of fig PanForte with kefir over the week in fort bragg for breakfast every morning
ate heavy meals of Lamb and beef and crab and shark with Leo every night

walked in the sand dunes with Stephen
and saw the last remaining Fen in california
(that is, small freshwater lakes near the sea shore... the rest have all been bulldozed in for Society)

stayed up all night the last night of mercury retrograde
to try and call old friends in Europe
(only left messages)
and then sorted through most of my old pictures in preparation for making a new picture web page for myself

created a small one for Eli
(his page isn't up yet, so i created this out of experimentation)

and then stayed up all night last night
for the winter solstice
staring at the fire
looking through tarot cards, i ching, leo's face, myself
slept all day

started writing.

Domesticity at home.

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