dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

how was the black party?

my mind is in pieces
lack of sleep?
disruptive energy?

chance, random coincidental chance

all my days have dots in my calendar
I'm keeping myself very busy
and it makes my mind anxious
knowing it will not have any negative space to unfurl into

spent the morning walking around Chelsea with Nay and his David
perhaps we will make a troupe of art-lookers
we met another friend of his
walking with a brutish monster dog
he invited him along next month

come with us next month!

I'm always late to meet Nay
but he was later than me this time
and told me he's often late...
that, coupled with a later conversation about feeling unable to understand current contemporary art
humanized him for me
I'd somehow displaced him
his conversations with David were arcane... references I could not fathom, assuming all of the colorful garbage could be decoded by his intellect
perhaps some
not all (of course!)
reminding me the validity of my own impressions
I'm a different sort
just, different

I met up with Adam
who was late
and hung over
and I worried a bit over his alcohol use
he is not a close friend
I've only met him a few times
though I like him a lot
he always talks about drinking too much

I was early for two people in one day!
we went out to Spa Castle again
fooled around in the handicap stall
saw some of the regulars
made up for what a bad visit the day before had been

but on the way out there
got a call from a friend inviting me to The Black Party
I've only visited with twice
a hot furry Irish German Aries mutt
and his partner the Indian Iranian Prince
--- I've been hanging out with lots of couples lately to protect me from Falling in Love
either me or A Someone
of course
many couples feature Extra-Marital Falling in Love as Popular Entertainment
but I suppose I just feel better about not playing along when I know they have someone to sleep with at night
("though it's not love/ it means something")

he calls me and invites me to the black party as I'm standing in line to pay to enter the Spa
and says he'll buy the ticket
asks If I want to go
well no
not really
but yeah
let's have the experience
I'm kinda terrified (my favourite word these days) of mainstream gay culture
so thought it'd be a good challenge too
and I was dressed in my ripped unionsuit jacket over my Russian striped shirt... maybe is just go naked?

I knew one of my other favourite couples would be there as well
and Nayland had said "it's an experience... if someone's paying you should go"
I was fully prepared to leave in a few hours
had a client before hand
a sweet boy who reminds me of the kid from the movie UP
I built up some more lust with him
and flavoured my beard and stache with his cum and headed over to Roseland around 1:30
we went in
checked some clothes
and found Ian immediately
we stuck together a few hours
to navigate the clumped crowds
holding hands not to lose eachother
we lost the Aries
and I decided to go hide my bag of flyers I collected from the Art galleries that morning
then got a bit distracted
and by the time I got back to where I'd left Ramin
he was gone
I saw Darren though
full fabulosity
and a boyfriend
he seemed in his element and I kinda envied him

I felt this was a very honest party
dancing naked in a forest is more my thing
but this was The City
so this is what it should be
I was surprised by all the nods to trannies
but it was camp
in the way girl drag is
a regular signal of "Gay"u
oddly, straight Gay...

I felt like I do in any culture
how there is some stricture to follow that I'll never understand
and will never succeed at adhering to
so better to just follow my own heart
still, it always makes me feel oddly a failure at so obviously not living up to the common expectations

I felt like I was on another planet
the ubiquitous thunderous metrognome kept us all running around

I watched some guys fuck
then admired a sexy back
and realized it belonged to a guy I loved last year
another couple I'd hoped to make intimate with
but he was a professional psychic
and I was a bit terrified by the pauses he'd make in conversation
so kept fogetting to call him back for a year
he was with his sexy partner
we enjoyed pleasuring eachother

I went back to the bar looking for the friends I came with
Ian was rolling
beautifully happy, sweating
and into his husband like nobody's business
nobody else

I saw a guy at the bar I'd talked with recently on facebook
friends nowhere in sight
thus guy was cute
but ge was waiting for a drink and I didn't want to wait
he heard that and grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the dance floor to start making out

I dunno
I have never really liked making out with people I don't know in public places
it always makes me feel like I'm suffocating
and I pushed off him
would like to get to know him
but this is not the place
I was just saying Hi
now I was burdened
when I just wanted to slide through the throng like a silverfish

I kept picturing this
but I wasn't so shiney and got snagged again

a beautiful man!
serious beautiful eyes
so fucking hot
but his eyes were deep and hungry
coming up from his heart
he kept smashing his face against mine
trying to eat me or shove himself down my throat
it was kinda terrifying

he took me aside and kept up the same
I was incredibly uncomfortable
but found him hot
wanted to make a connection
and he kept asking big questions about my life
how was I to explain?
screaming over the thunder?
I thought to have sex with him
and took him to the sex pit
but he was too hungry
too desperate
wanted me too much
and I was drowning in his desire
I pushed off
and left him there in the undulating bodies
I saw him there again hours later
(a day after, Leo explained to me this behaviour is indicative of people rolling on EX)

set back on my course to find my friends
I succeeded quickly
but now he was in the same mood
and though I had madeout with him before
I really couldn't take it after the past two aggressors
and told him I'd had enough and needed to go home

is been there less than three hours

I headed on because I wanted to circle the place one more time

I got stuck in front of the stage
security gaurds wouldn't let me leave
some fucking tranny queen was having some leather queen rape her with a plunger handle
he had chocolate in his ass
I could smell it
they licked it and smeared it on eachother
I pushed through some people and got stuck in another area where they were preparing to hang some bastard by hooks
what the fuck ever
I needed to go
and found my way over to where I had stashed my art flyers

but just then an der slim furry guy with a great mustache (I'd been admiring earlier) made eye contact and we went to the pit and played
he wanted to fuck me
but I'm not into getting fucked in public
I sucked him off though
he said the orgasm was amazing
screamed really loud
demanded contact
his name was

I pushed into the pit
he being such a top
he didn't care if I came
and I was now very horny
I tried sone other sex
but it was people wanting me to fuck them
and the space was too tight
I fled again with the intention of leaving
but there
in the sling
some guys fucking
better, behind them
an old Scottish looking daddy
in a polo shirt
certainly in his 60s
my thing
I pulled him aside and sucked him
he came very hard
I found Ian and Todd again
the Ramin and Gary again
over and hour had passed since I saw them
now they were leaving
I said I'd do one more round
saw some hot daddy in a harness
but like none I'd ever seen before
and his nips were like thumbs
I started to dance with him
his friends left
I tried to get into the chi-gung
I don't really understand dancing with people except Zikir
I tried to connect with his sexual energy
he moved his hands kinda goofy
I got some connection
some light flowing
but he really wasn't into me and left with a few crisp words: annoying voice anyway
I saw some gigantic muscle monsters on the dance floor
bears? Gorillaz.
roid freaks? maybe
I moved over near them just to watch
two were gorgeous
but one of the danced just by bopping his legs
huge arms just dangling
great belly, leather suspenders framing
blank face
recalling JYD with the head band and eyebrows
and this other gaggle of huge guys
dancing dancing
and some big bellied bear with a very goofy face, smirking at me
his partner withered and distainful

I danced
not into the metrognome music at all
but watching
trying to play along
trying to make it a sexual experience
or tribal
or whatever this was supposed to be
I was pumping my hips
I was trying to push the testosterone through my arms and legs
I was trying to make my arrogance insurmountable
but it was only trying
I never got pulled along the flow
just bopped to the metronome
after X amount of time I noticed I wasn't even sweating
and wandered off

this guy named Ed i'd talked with a few times
he was naked but for boots and cockring
I loved his furry belly and hung out with him
but not on a cock or mouth centered way
it was nice
he said he was from here, but lived in CA now
I told him I used to live there
but moved here
because all the men I found really hot out there came from here

I decided I was going to go find one of the roid daddies I saw when I first arrived
he had a face like a dog
a mutant dog
pig. boar. beast.
military ?
his body was so hypoformed by the gym and steroids
and he was In full leather sci-Fu sex warrior costume
I figured he was so entirely different than me
but also a comic book character of my type
that I would offer him a free massage

when I finally found him I tried to stop him and talk to him three times

he didn't even notice I existed
looked through me
never heard me

I gave up
figuring success was slight anyway
I figured I'd go outside and smoke a cig

some late 50s guy from Boston named Kevin
he was kinda hot
but for grinding his jaw from the x
he was smoking American Spirits
which I can handle
and shared one with him
while educating him on the Faeries
as his eyes darted around

that was six a.m.

I went back in
maybe around again

maybe again and again

I saw the meat monsters
by now they were smelling eachothers' pits
I approve of such behaviour
though I didn't butt in
I could enjoy their cloud of testosterone musk from my nipping position near them
a disapporoving female born person (I assume) waved her hand in front of her face in disgust
I moved on

Ian was sucking on Todd
someone else was
tired at tgat point in the evening
jaw tight
not so good

maybe I went around again
and in the pit
some few kids fighting eachother for my dick like piglets
some gigantic Latino (chub)
who pushed my head down
to suck his thumb
sharing with someone else
grappling with self control
getting himself off

I was entirely done
I was sure
and reclaimed my bag
but realized I could not exit through those back doors...
so pushed through along the stage
again getting caught by an act
with haloes of attitude
stopped me next to a very cute round brown man I'd played with at Spa Castle on Friday
he gave me his number

all these calls I need to make

I let flowed with the flow
an active process
til it spit me out the door
past many rings of flyer gaurdians
I refused them all
sure I didn't want anything else from this Community any time soon
breaking out into the beautiful soft cool morning light

Times Square barricaded for some half-marathon
its incessant signs spastically talking to no-one
slightly pathetic in the day light

am I ever in times square in the day light?

I had wished I'd done something more enjoyable to spend the entire night not dreaming

I've wasted entire nights masturbating
this was similar
cept I didn't cum
and didn't get to obsesse over much of my standard type

yay for variety

I pulled out my ear plugs and checked my phone
seven something
I sent some text messages
pulled some green gum from between the toes of my shoes (hmmmm)
and wandered down to 42ns street to get on the 1

sitting down
the weight of the night collapsed on me
I struggled to stay concious
watching a gorrilaz documentary
jotting some notes
ambling up my hill
to take a long shower
drink water water water and pond scum
then sleeeeeep

first day of spring
I'd rather haves danced zikir
I'd rather have gone to Spa Castle again
but I slept through to 3pm
when I roused myself to go meet a mystery man who turned out to be one of those beautiful terrified genuises who I flickered between love and exasperation with as if he were a family member
and so he is
I imagine he'll be someone I'm very grateful to walk on The Path with
even if he makes excuses about the distractions he'll need to make
I imagine he'll do a good job guiding me when I lose myself

or not
I stood on the street corner in Forest Hills looking up at his balcony and the quarter moon being obscured by the clouds rolling in
making phone calls
before I was released and got in the F
sitting across from two beautifully coloured dykes and a vivacious Jewish man with a beautiful beard and extensive psychadelic history
is acid kosher?
he was in full orthodox garb
and was heading up to Monsey I imagine: Rockland county
I gave him my URL and switched on the village to the 1
back up
starting this then
but too tired to finish

this is enough
nothing much need be said of today
but that I feel terribly hung over even though I drank very little alcohol last night and none the night before
traveling the city without a water bottle is so difficult for me...
I'll spend the rest of this ride with my eyes closed
listening to Grizzly Bear



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