dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,



in the transition time
before it's actually warm enough to heat up the apartment from the ambient heat of the springing city
the super skimps on the heat
radiators are mostly silent
and the room is cold

the winters are over heated
mysterious global warming
but now
there is a pervasive chill

last year
I had a friend visit for a few days
he lives off the grid
ya know
starts a fire in a special stove to heat the water for his bath

he lives in a house in the woods
he looks out
he walks out
he hears it all the time
outside is right there
very close
very clear

living in the city
do you forget about outside?

when he drains the tub
the water flows out
right there
into the ground

it goes down pipes
where does it go?
into a sewer?
how does it get there?
I can't even imagine the route it takes
old Windows screen saver of imaginary pipes constantly creating themselves
snaking forever into Super Mario's World

if I take a shower or a bath
I only vaguely know the boiler is making the heat
I have no understanding if it's on a schedule
... I know last year there would often be no hot water in the middle of the day in the summer
but if I called the super-wife she would turn it on and I could have hot water in a half hour or so

mobile phone call
stacks of wood on kindling in cast iron

the old men of New York City Birth (rarer than one imagines)
call any room they are not in
but are going to

"you can bring your clothes inside, I'll bring your drink"

I imagine the whole city is inside
that must be it

in nature
I can feel it
raw earth

cement. walls. glass. cement. cement.cement.
it's inside
why would I think twice ofpouring the imaginary heat down the drain
from whence it came to where it's going?

so in these transition times
where there is a pervasive chill through my chambers
I have taken to opening the hot tap
filling the tub
sometimes even through the shower
clouds of vapor billowing out into the hallway
and leave it that way
too hot to get in for hours
heat licking off the surface of the water

and after giving the massage
or another function important to performed naked

I'll submerge and lay in the still warm water
letting it warm my joints
rinsing with warmer water
leaving the tub full until it's entirely cool
(rinsing the soap off my feet)

and then these shoes
the five-fingers
the foot gloves
they make me feel the city intimately in a way I never really have before
almost barefoot
I cannot recommend it highly enough

but perhaps it is a unique situation to my life
the difference between inside and outside


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