dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

a little bit of

cleaning the toaster oven today
the brown burnt grease
the crumbs in the hinge
scraping them out with a knife

a heavy sigh
why is this depressing?

it's spring
we know it
we can feel it

I put on my ranger whipcord
I'm late as always
the train is my enemy today
and gets stuck
long stops at every platform
ten minutes waiting
but it's w4th
so I run the F
wait a while for it anyway...

where is the pocket in this jacket?
it's not as nice
as my raggedity old one
...when I was a traveler...
with its torn cuffs...
hemmed, I did, with red cord-a-roy
and suede

a little bit of nostalgia
on such a nice day
a heavy sigh
but I'm late
and can't let this slow me down


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