dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

is that when sex is best?

is that when sex is best?
when it's out of control?
or could there be a greater balance
to work in unison...

when the body jolts
when all better rationale is thrown to the wind
leave the house at two a.m.!
get very drunk!
coke every day for weeks!
a task put before us
derailed by desire

for the beauty in the eyes
the hips
the belly
or the shaft
The Beard!

lust overtaking any judgement or descision
cast off!
take what we want!

Real Passion!


the path of
walking on cue
with core
following the path
the Staight and Narrow!

all of these words are Trite!
we did (tried doing) this for so long
you've heard it all before
How Boring!

what if every step was fully conscious
the prana like mist around your naked feet
tendrils out to the earth
aye, up from the stones
wrapping your ankles
lifting up to your thigh

Like a Mist, your own personal Cloud
Fucking Stratosphere
your own entire Atmosphere
in just it's place
not swayed too heavy by the moon

but for love
for passion
the clouds of water and acid mingling
green and pink
as your hand touches her skin
and the shock is felt to the core
spirit not limited to the body
passing through wrists
in a full rainbows
full consciousness in both of us
breath in tow
deeper and longer
throat opening into lungs
breathing mist
making rain in our unified new ecosystem
in accord
with penetration
a puncturing
sliding in
colours emerging
and being consumed

can we be aware of every detail?
nit even this imagination can contain that
how can we?

but I imagine
with a dense concentration
precipitating rivers
in that lake
or ocean
currents finding their place
instigated with fire and lightning
supported by a bubble
a cauldron

a Real connection
an Actual decision being made

a new world being formed?

is this why we keep forgetting?
and letting it all pass through our fingers
with exhausted sighs?


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