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Vertical Prose

January 30th, 2004

wash me.. wash me: and i will be whiter than snow @ 09:28 pm

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Date:February 3rd, 2004 11:13 am (UTC)

what is going on

Hi Dominic i have spent the whole day reading your journal and thinking about it all.
What is this all about? where are you that they pick up kitchen knives etc?
Your Mom, what is going on is she ok?
Forgive me it all sounds pretty much like some weird cult I pray and hope that you and your Mom do not get sold on this and come away in peace.
i am probably just an ignorant fool and do not understand all this i wish you would come with me to Zafat which is a small town in the Gallilee and meet all those holy kabbalists
As for your search for love have you ever thaught that perhaps you have found it already.
right through your journal you beating up on your self WHY? we all got to love you as you are.
I am sure like me many other of your friends have seen pure love in your sweet eyes i am very concerned for you sweet pure love
May god guide you in the right direction and hope you find the peace and joy in your life that can only come from relizing what a great loving sweet spirit you are
You and you alone is in charge of your destiny
Yours in peace and deep Love
Your Yacov

Vertical Prose