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Sunday morning morning morning

morning morning morning

I've not been good at sleeping lately
when I put myself to bed
I play with my iPhone for an hour or three before sleeping
but last night I didn't
I just lay in the dark
hands in Big-Head Mudra for twenty minutes or so
then turning on my side
then my stomach
then the other side
then back
and when I turned again I realized I had no hope at sleeping

I got up and drank some water
a quarter of a mg of melatonin
realized the video had stalled
so coverted it to iPhone size/format and set it to upload again
then lay down again about 2...

it worked better that time

this morning I woke at 7
mucked about
made tea
had some green and brown drink with oil
late as always
waited ten minutes for the train
pretty smooth getting there
switching to the bus was funny
there were five (or more) buses stacked up on Jay street to replace the G train
they were all just sitting there... hardly any people on only one of them
waiting to fill before it took off
the B57 was also ten minutes late
but it dropped me off at the top of the block where I was going
interesting industrial block

I met a kid in the hall with a gigantic red mustache
we were going to the same place and took the stairs to the sixth floor together

a female photographer shooting five ( or six ) guys
( one being her father
one being her husband )
in a wood working studio
specializing in furniture
and reupholstering in a clunky hipsters kinda way
done by two girls (didn't meet them)

I liked the space, but found the whole meme of artistic masculinity ( the phrase "noble savage" was used many times & one of the tea blends was called that ) being created by women in a female space quite funny
I kinda have always imagined the heterosexual world ( though most of us guys there were queer, but the father, husband and red stache ) to be like that
yeah, patriarchy
yeah, rugged masculinity
with a lunch packed by mama
clothes made by mama
women complicit in all our actions
even if there is some clicking of the tongues...

one of the other models there was a boy I met years ago but hadn't seen in a while
a certain austrailian musician boy with big brown eyes...

nice to see him again, yeah
he'll be playing every Wednesday in February at the Rockwood MusicHall, 196 Allen st, LES

we ate fine cakes made with matcha; made with bird seed: millet, flax, chia, macademia, bitter sweet chocolate and sugar crystals. ate pears with beautiful cheddar blue cheese. fine chocolates. smiled. shook hands. played with the dog...
again, the room was called on to make technology work
and upon the silence I stepped up and turned on the old stereo: appalling there was no iPod hookup
only CDs... most of them burns
and mixes at that
not trusting their unknown style
I put on a CD-R labeled Fleet Foxes after whiping off a thick layer of dust
it only skipped a few times

eating and posing as knitting and laughing
talking plenty of Tennessee
Red was from Kentucky
the Husband from Illinois
the Father had spent plenty of time in Nashville

talking of the smell of tobacco drying in sheds
that sweet smell
making music
all the people we've been listening to
being on tour
traveling china
the stretch of the great wall we liked
and how we served our tea

photo shoots

it ended not too late
and though the photographer had me take off most of my costumy clothes
she wanted a few portraits of me when I suited up to leave...

the street was suddenly more lively
some strange motorized bear riding a bike in a tutu
with a big sign NO PHOTOGRAPHS!
like the cops flashing lights saying "there is nothing to see here!"
the bus passed me as I was waiting to cross the street
so i looked up an alternate route and walked down another street
imagining the life of living in such a strange industrial area
"we used to make shipping, now we make business"
under the freeway
waiting for a bus
minivan after minivan of chassidic Jews slowing down to look at me as they turned by me and down the street...

I looked
and figuring I'd missed the bus
I walked down the street to see...

no, just eating lunch in a back street...
no, just late: the bus passed behind me

so I walked back to stand in the sun
waited 15 min for the next 57bus
wasted some time on Grindr
and by the time I got on the bus I hit my sugar crash

now I want to nap
but would also like to post the pictures from last night...

I'll only have about an hour when I get home before I have to leave for Tom's gallery show
kareoke after...

oh, wants...


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