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Vertical Prose

December 16th, 2004

mists of memory @ 03:23 pm

Current Mood: fogged in in Fort Bragg

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Date:December 19th, 2004 07:18 pm (UTC)

to lift the veil (from dpuma31)

to lift the veil one must realize it is a mirage. said otherwise, a cloud is gaseous water! permutation is its essence and nature.

according to ... tears are the rain with which to clear the cloud of memory.

there are (at least) two kinds of memory functions, the fact gathering one which, by what you say, you´ve developed in depth; the second one is the emotive memory, which is not a list of information formed by a learning process, but an organic and pulsating cluster of experiences that are charged with meaning through sentiment.

neither imagination nor memory are faculties to be used, in the sense of, for example, using the hands to scratch an itch. they are not the fertilizer to make something grow, they are both growth itself! (know what i mean?) the grace of both is that they exist, the rest is up to...

without knowing you i can sense a deep and profound grace/gift you withold and/or spill-squander.
like a diamond inside coal ablaze.
like a sun illuminating uninhabited worlds (eyeless and, therefor, unwitnessed).

i sense you have already created the island! a wandering island it is!
may you sail on it toward a green, open and vast continent!
may your inner isolation end!

Vertical Prose