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Vertical Prose

December 16th, 2004

mists of memory @ 03:23 pm

Current Mood: fogged in in Fort Bragg

i finished reading William Gibson's "Neuromancer" last week

it was a great read
great story

unlike, say "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson (who was probably very inspired by Gibson's writing), it did not carry the weight of the world on its shoulders...
not even in the plot... ostensibly.

( i suppose it did... in its subtle way... i have to read more of his work, now, to understand just how... coz only in the end did it feel like it had the potential to...)

part of what i loved best was how most of the Human characters in the story were so flawed and very OUT OF IT
not on top of it
very confused and fallen and ...
very Human.

one of the Non Human characters was half of the Personality of the AI that was trying to unify and break free... the namesake of the book
encrypted with much more meaning than "we" could ever fathom
he had locked the main human character, Case, in his realm of stored memories... personalities...
and explained to him that he could create this realm from people's minds...

when Case said "but i don't remember all this stuff to such great detail... how do you do it?"

the computer replied (something like)
"every human does-- Memory is Holographic... but it is only great artists that know how to access it"

this interraction seems to be what resonated most with me from the Novel.

i've been obsessed with memory most of my life.

how i could remember the clearest of details from a novel that i read after or before my brother
and he was shocked
as he only rememberd the curves and shapes...

how i could remember the lyrics to "3000 pop songs"

how people, even now, are astounded by the details i remember

most my childhood is grey and cloudy
near non-existant.

When i started reading John Crowley's works back in '99
i was entroduced to "the Art of Memory"
and learned more about it 2002 when i was staying in Italy on an olive farm
not able to converse with anyone, for i knew no italian and they knew no english (i cooked food for them instead)
and read Crowley's "Ægypt"
which featured the man "Giordano Bruno"
burned at the Campo Fioro (and i was staying at a place called "campo fiorito"
after being caught by the Inquisition
he was the most famed in The Art of Memory
as taught by the Dominican order
(who probably got it from the greeks)

i feel i must find my way into my memories before i can step into my rightful place of power
(Maupin's "Further Tales of the City", finished last night, brought me back into the phrase "Those who do not remember the past are condemed to repeat it" through the ravenous ravings of Jim Jones)
and it bothers me to no end that most of my childhood is a could
(though, i must admit, certain land-marks stick out... like crags in the sea of dreams)

Reading Delany's biography further frustrates me...
the deatails from his childhood he is able to conjur up
(he makes his own references to Wizard's and their apprentances)

how can i use my imagination so beautifuly
if i cannot even use my memory with such grace?

i must set about finding these landmarks
latching onto them
and clinging to them
as bouys in the deep sea
to prevent myself from drowning
and further desolation
i will have to create the island that will turn these floating towers into trees in a place yet alive again.

and fear

scary undertaking
(there must be a reason i'm hiding from myself)
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Date:December 18th, 2004 10:00 pm (UTC)


I enjoyed Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive quite a bit. I always felt he created a very clever blend of decetive pulp with science fiction. Molly Millions is still charismatic. I think Gibson's strongest works are his stort stories inBurning Chrome. The Difference Engine is quite excellent as well. There is a compilation Definately some meat, but not too heavy of a fare. Idoru started out great and I could see where he was going with it but it sort of fell flat. I've found his later books to be lacking in sparkle. I think he might be evolving away from his old style and into a new one. I just can't seem to track the story arch.

Stephenson is quite good as well. I loved Snow Crash but if you haven't checked out Jeff Noon do so. I think he is the cream of the crop as far as Cyberpunk goes. I've read a good portion of his work and all of it was very impressive. Lots of extremely digestable meat! Start with Nymphomation you won't be sorry. PLAY TO WIN!
Date:December 19th, 2004 07:18 pm (UTC)

to lift the veil (from dpuma31)

to lift the veil one must realize it is a mirage. said otherwise, a cloud is gaseous water! permutation is its essence and nature.

according to ... tears are the rain with which to clear the cloud of memory.

there are (at least) two kinds of memory functions, the fact gathering one which, by what you say, you´ve developed in depth; the second one is the emotive memory, which is not a list of information formed by a learning process, but an organic and pulsating cluster of experiences that are charged with meaning through sentiment.

neither imagination nor memory are faculties to be used, in the sense of, for example, using the hands to scratch an itch. they are not the fertilizer to make something grow, they are both growth itself! (know what i mean?) the grace of both is that they exist, the rest is up to...

without knowing you i can sense a deep and profound grace/gift you withold and/or spill-squander.
like a diamond inside coal ablaze.
like a sun illuminating uninhabited worlds (eyeless and, therefor, unwitnessed).

i sense you have already created the island! a wandering island it is!
may you sail on it toward a green, open and vast continent!
may your inner isolation end!

Vertical Prose