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Vertical Prose

January 3rd, 2010

InPut Me @ 02:10 am

the message board at the corner has been stuck doing thus for days
like most electronics being ignored
it's constantly flashing in spastic patterns

but the phrase it sticks on
gives me the shivvers.

I've been having some intense emothions these last few months
my throat's closed
I've been intensely afraid
and most of the stuff I've written I've kept private because I find it

why now?

I'm wrestling with dæmons

I'm fine with it
of course
happy to open up my emotional channels
all the things I kept at bay in survival mode while running from dæmons
they're here now
caught up with me
we're hanging out
gnawing bone

waiting to see who'll make the first move
tgat gets carried through

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Vertical Prose