dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Roots; Forensics

I don't watch TV
it really disturbs me
it's inane
often terribly repeditive, pedantic
and increasingly violent, traumatizing and stressful
I think it's assinine that so many people program themselves with such
high-tension fears and dramas nightly
but then, I don't understand the actions if most of society
(oh, but I pretend to)

like those people who leave the TV on all day, loudly,
as if to hear the town square in their livingroom
as if there is a society
right around the corner
of their desperately isolated lives

but that's probably presumtious, right?
they just like the chatter, the company... the education.

in the last decade and a half
I've pretty much only watched movies
south park, and other Adult Swim satires
though even those rarely
this year
I've watched both seasons of True Blood and It's Always Sunny in

satires are fine
I get it
it agrees with me
and is often entertaining:
it's all crazy

but the shit that passes for entertainment scares me

it's all cop shows or hospital shows
the majority of it is people screaming at eachother and displaying how
Right they are all the time

the situaltional dramas

cop show with a psychic
cop show with an anthopologist
cop show with a serial killer
cop show in Miami, Phoenix, DC
with sexual assult
or drug smuggling
or fucking aliens

why are people so obsessed with the fucking Cops?
someone point me to some essays about this shit.

free to do bad? really that bad? but always getting caught, right?

but this is what my parents eat
and my sister
and so many people I've met all over the world

I fucking hate TV
(though I may start watching Dexter... or Survivour...)
but I'm a racoob like the rest of us
if it's on
I can't help but stare at it
I do my best to avoid it

(but I'll be on it someday soon... serves me right, I'm sure)

what I meant to write about tonight was something intelligent about
being with my family
and understanding them through the drama they force in through their
but I just ranted in hysteria
like I saw on TV

I really don't understand
and it disturbs me

I'm going to sleep now
and I'm very happy to be slleping in my bed tomorrow
in my apartment
with No TV

( though I do have a... room mate for a bit; we'll see how that goes )




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