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Vertical Prose

August 30th, 2009

deemed useless @ 11:07 pm

he'd been my lover for
a while

not long in the scheme of things
lover in no practical way
did not keep me from my vices
only delighted in them
encouraged them

there was joy there
two little boys
who should definately know better
but still
hoped for the best

commonly accepted sicknesses like that are the worst
current epidemic

and upon moving into my home
I somehow lost my phone
but in less than 24 hours I found the numbers called by the finders

somewhere in the Dominican Republic
my boy
he was from some Caribbean islands
and could speak their language
he called that number for me
and in the sweetest voice
discovered nothing
and acquiesced to their obvious lies
and I quickly deemed him useless
despite the cooking
the cleaning
the silly grins
I didn't want a wife
a girlfriend
anything novel
not a spell I wanted worked
he was spineless: what use?

how easy to discard love
a useless thing
that makes everything brighter
kinda like a food additive
a dirty trick

just a trick
of the light
but strong enough to stick in my mind
nearly two tears later

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Vertical Prose