dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Andy's Games

enjoy with Andy Kaufman
i just watched his two short films
"I'm from Hollywood" and
"My Breakfast with Blassie"

about halfway through the "Hollywood" flick
i thought the guy really WAS a genius

to manipulate people's emotions so bluntly

to go into reality, not Television
and make himself an object of hate
to force it upon him self
in the least subtle of ways!
but they all fell for it
make himself be hated
TV wasn't good enough
he needed 10,000 screaming people in TN hating him
and the staging his own brutal beating

"will you buy into this?
you like hating, don't you?
you LIKE seeing people get hurt"

they said YES

but it's all a show, right?

where is the line?

by pressing so hard for so long
(i guess only a few years, but another 15 minutes later and I was tired of it)
he made sure it was all just a show
he got his wish
he was just as much a professional wrestling star as the rest
bought into the scripts
helped make the scripts
all the silly beatings and shenanegan's
"Yes, THAT'S Entertainment... That's ENTERTAINMENT!!!"

but for a minute there
i thought he was asking people if they really wanted to go through with it
and when the answer is yes
"Hate me"
those of us addicted to beatings

i still can't figure out why it's so attractive

though i do know
from time to time
i do it
i slide into it and through it
let it course around me
and lick up the blood
... as it were

We want to feel alive
what a luxury
to be alive
and not feel it

would you buy that for a dollar?

how about 47 years of your life?

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