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Vertical Prose

July 25th, 2009

and then home @ 08:09 pm

i got homeand felt un-deniably exhausted
so lay down on my day bed
and fell asleep

dreamt of Stephen Merritt playing on the subway
with Seth? or Daniel Freeman?

i was working in an old house
tearing stuff down
-framing out a new room
the back door open
onto a green field, forest on the edge
and there was my sister
and Stephen playing "Lonely Highway"

the subway rumbling

the boss was coming
and i went to hide
and everything went sideways

i realized i was dreaming
and turned and turned in late afternoon nap sweat
the heat of the summer
but i couldn't bring myself to go pick raspberries today

some pullups and pushups
off to a client
cancelled the other
spend the night with a friend
going to the beach tomorrow.
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Vertical Prose