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Vertical Prose

July 25th, 2009

in the midst of Adventure @ 11:04 am

a friend offered to take me to Sandy Hook today
I spent last night at his house
we left early (for me) this morning...
driving along
traffic got really snarled up
and then a light was blinking on his dash
I looked it up in the book
it said "transmission malfunction"
then the speedometer stopped working
and at a stoplight in Atlantic Highlands
the car quit

won't start again
was stuck in park
with a bull-goon cop yelling at us
mocking me for looking through the manual
I figured out how to shift it to neutral and ge pushed us into the
parking lot

checked the fluid levels

1992 Honda
just tired.

I walked in to was my hands
on the No Smoking sign

there is a ferry dock that goes to the beach in walking distance from

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Vertical Prose