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Vertical Prose

June 27th, 2009

Old Glasses @ 04:04 pm

When I was last in California
I found these old glasses in the stuff I was going through
I think I got them when I was 14...
Maybe 13?
I think these are my first pair...
Maybe second?
I don't remember
But they fit my face terribly
At least with my hair up...
Imagine how bad they must have looked back then...

I just put them on in the train to look at a cute guy 20ft away
Another cute guy just sat down in front of me

I'm surprised the glasses still work for me
But they do
My prescription is slight
And I've not worn glasses with any regularity since 1999
So I certainly don't Need them
But it is nice to see some more clarity and detail sometimes

So I'm carrying them around with me
Until I break them, lose them
Or get a new pair

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Date:June 27th, 2009 08:23 pm (UTC)
hmmm just stomped on my real pair while doing something grandfatherly w/ Sam...involving something, a shoe maybe?, that disappeared under the sofa when we needed to get going, quick! and now I'm getting by on a pair of sunglasses of a couple of prescriptions ago or my Santa bifocals that aren't any good for the computer screen.
So I'm not likely to be finding an old pair of glasses. Mine just seem to serve until lost or destroyed.
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Date:June 28th, 2009 07:00 am (UTC)
Coke Bottles.
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Date:June 28th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Those are great!. My LJ icon shows me wearing my favorite shape.

I loath the rectangular ones that just about EVERYONE wears nowadays :(

Vertical Prose