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old profile text

(i just re-wrote my profile for the new year, here's the old collection of words that had gathered there)

was just in indiana for a week
gave my dad a massage again
again: he grabbed my hand
but did it in a public room
still felt a strong energy through him. . .

and a few days before, we were alone in a deer blind in the woods
and it felt like it does when i'm with any other man who wants to have sex with me but doesn't know how to broach the subject
... just with way too much context

it makes my heart heavy
such a lonely man
- i don't want to be such a lonely man
yet when i see such lonely men (on here or in real time)
i always want to reach out to them, through them
some how together with them
let them know they are loved and not alone

but i can't be someone's life-line
i'm working on being my own

... i wish i lived in a place of a thousand men
all sleeping in a big pile with eachother
cooking for eachother
massaging eachother
fucking eachother like mad
collapsed in happy piles

or just one man
who made love like poetry
like ritual
dynamic, engaged, empowered

i'm obviously not ready for either
or i'd have both

love ya all,
these are my wishes for the New Year.


this front image (and two in my gallery) were taken in Portland a few months ago
if you enjoy looking at these photos
go to the full gallery at

more of his work can be seen at


i recently put a call out for men born near August 16th: Leos.
and Leos with Leo risings are especially nice.
my mars in conjunct saturn near 23º in Leo
( which means hot passionate aggressive daddy sex )
good for sex, not necessarily for an LTR


i visited my parents in Indiana for Labor Day
i got to give my brother and father 3 hour massages was really amazing.
i was surprised, but didn't feel anything sexual with my brother, though i loved touching his body
but i got hard a few times working on my dad... and i think he did too.
i imagined a whole secret relationship where he would come to NY and stay with me and we'd have tons of sex
-- it would revitalize his life and make him a happier person (and certainly be good for my heart, we've never been able to connect over republicans and hunting)

any stocky furry daddy want to make love?

I'm more interested in men who've got a Keg than a six-pack
And I'm really not interested in guys that act like teen-agers

i've posted some new photos on my flickr
clicking this will let you see all of them
all self portraits taken over the last year

i've decided i'm going to offer my photographic services for a while
so many hot guys have terrible photographs
so anyone in the area, or coming here, who'd like to get photographed (and/or i can make a video of you...with you?)
let me know

i can host at my apartment or come to your place
sex is not required
let me know!

i'm a young man who's lived an alternative life

i enjoy older and larger men than myself

if you're interested
you can see much more about me through my page

you might be able to reach me if you send mail to

at google's mail service.

i'm always looking for friends
and friends who like to cuddle are great
i tend to like large furry guys... but the older you are, the more it's just about your life experiences i'm interested in.

love is always good
and physical comfort and sweetness is nice

i specifically want men in my life who are conscious of the energy they wish to share and receive

i love to meet new people
not just for sexual relations
i've been traveling the world for 12 years
one of the reasons i've settled here in NYC for the time being
is it's kinda like traveling: i can meet new people every day if i leave my apartment..
(and with the internet, i don't even need to do that, i can order in new people every day)

i'd like to meet men who regularly meditate
i'm interested in learning more about TM, Vipassana and various forms of Yoga

on that subject
men who are interested in Conscious Sex Magic
in the form of reality re-creation and/or healing
i would love to spend some time with
either through arts such as Tantra and Taoist sex
or intuitive magics
-- i wish to plant roots with someone with vast intention.

i'm at a boy-transition point in my life
(saturn return - boy becoming man)
i'm working on purifying and focusing my energy
and i've always had desires to make what's commonly considered impossible a shared reality

just to clarify for some people:
YES, i make the majority of my money through doing massage/body work
i give very long sessions and i love doing it
BUT -- if i contact you on here and want to meet with you
i am not expecting you to pay me unless you ask to hire me for a session!
i love having sex and certainly don't ask money for it...
a massage is a focused two and a half hour session that requires a lot of energy on my part: i charge for that
and don't solicit... so ask if you're interested...
but i certainly don't expect money just for meeting people.

and a special note to men over 60

i love men
and i love men twice my age...
how years add thickness to a man

nobbly nuckles
big hairy ears
big bushy eyebrows
--- hair everywhere
big hanging balls
thick fleshy cock
flesh thick everywhere
deep wrinkles in the face..

i can't help but feel so grateful that men get thick around the middle
i don't know why
but i love the sight (and feel!) of a belly

living is a mystery to me
and someone who's been here twice as long as i have is endlessly fascinating
even if he is a curmudgeon!
to travel the creases in the skin where so many emotions have been said...
it's a form of time travel:
you're somehow in the future from where i am
-- what does it feel like to live past today?
(but yet, we're in the same age of Right Now, i know)
to taste the seeds (and dreams) of a life full of triumphs and failures
still producing, for-whatever-reason, milk to feed the young..
maybe you've just got more lazy and sloppy and don't understand why you still have this drive to empty your balls...
maybe you've purified your seamen? better understood what traits you'd to pass on in your wise old age?

the sex act is a turn on for me
but what attracts me is is more the magic of it:
a virile man deep in his maturity
turned on by my young flesh and frame
from animal or spiritual desires unable to be said
just moved with
as we empty ourselves into eachother's bodies...

more videos:

my flickr photo journal:
my text journal:
my massage page:

I love this website (SD!)
and you should support it
but i understand if you don't
(it's the first i've ever paid for)

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