dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

go for a walk

first thing when waking up
curling out of the mists of sleeping
even the body knows where it is
where each limb is placed

early morning at 11 am

i thought of moving through a forest
off the trails, pavement
the branches, leaves and stones
crunching under my feet
pulling myself up and through
grabbing onto the young trees
just big enough for my hands to wrap around
bending slightly at my weight

bare foot
feeling the textures of the earth below me
with each step
expressing down into he soil
the life of my body mingling with the life around me
the grief from my lungs
anger from my liver
fear from my kidneys
down into the dirt
in waves of emotion, color, magnetics
and with the inhale
pulling in the world
the earth
drawing up the life of the planet through lifting off
nourishing all my organs
my heart
my head

my legs, calves
flexing as with inspiration
bellowing slightly
pumping these essences as my lungs do
in this purity
where we're animals and plants and minerals
my exhale feeding the trees and herbs
and their greens and whites and reds and browns
pouring into my lungs
through my nose and mouth
ears, eyes and fingers
each branch i grab hold of
or brush out of my way
making a dynamic exchange with all i contact
even through mere proximity

my whole body speaking and listening to the forest around me
the gigantic stones underneath me
proxies for the deep strata of the planet
relaying down to the magma core
as i
a wondering animals
am connecting this rude lump of matter with the stars

we're just conduits
from one hand to the other
the tips of the hairs to the bottom of my feet
the ouroboros of eternity
just to be alive
all the plethora of interactions on every scale imaginable
knowing my place in the scheme of things
how important we all are
looking at it in a chemical way
we need to manufacture emotion for the life-body of the universe
give the gods tales to tell eachother

have you ever thought the stars on TV are your servants?
just as you are enslaved to give them reason to shine?
have you ever thought they loved you dearly?
doing this all out of the necessity of loving
of living
of entertaining a darling
stroking her soft fine cheek
and digging in deep with fingers along a knotted spine
and kissing the tender soles of the baby's feet?

i love you
open to me
turn yourself inside out
and rub your tenderness through me
nourish me with your excrements
each breath upon a leaf
cut yourself off from progeny
and fill my belly
i'll gather and compound our life force
into a brighter star
another day
a luscious fruit for us to feast on
when we're gone

then i get to the water's edge
and lay myself naked upon the hot stones
forgetting obligations
and melting into the glory of being here
among and inside the lover of lovers
the wind continues our story over every fiber of my body
the sun shines through me
and tells my story back to the sky

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