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winter suggestions

i found this on accident
and it seemed indicative of a feeling i just eperienced
"where am i? how have i been getting away with not living for this long? where have i been?
floating on air...
23% there....

now it's time to get HERE"

the choices to make are astounding


from DominicVine oftheOwls
to <@>
date Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 1:03 PM
subject Re: So I'm gonna have to admit I'm missing your company tonight.

Oh no!

where are you now?
still out in Long Island?

oddly: i was still awake at 3:22 last night (morning)
you could have called!

so, a note for you:
i'm up odd hours
sometimes i sleep like a normal person
sometime's i'm an owl

i ALWAYS turn my ringer off when i go to sleep
so you never need to worry about waking me up
call any time.


as for you having a sore throat
simple things:
don't eat any sugars
drink a nice astringent tea
even green tea is great (if you like caffeine)
but there are specifically good teas for clearing out sore throats
like Sage (culinary or white... greek is best, but rare in the USA)
Malva/mallow (like Marsh-Mallow, yes... it really is a plant)
even Mugwort is good

you can find these teas in a healthfood shop
those that don't sell them bulk (which is how i prefer them, and by
that i mean just the loose herbs)
will have them in pre-packaged tea bags... which is easier for being
on the road anyway

when do you head back?

as for medication
don't just quit all yr meds out of some sort of rejection
we go to doctors because we don't know how to take care of ourselves
so if you're not going to listen to your doctor
you have to take responsibility for your own health!
it's not easy
but it's life! so it's worth it
-- go on line
google things like "cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint pain" etc...
read everything
avoid buying "products"
because they tend to foster the same kind of medicine mentality of " i
don't know why i'm doing this... but i guess it's good for me " like
other pills
read about the different oils you can consume
different teas you can drink

off the top of my head
i know that eating coconut oil (about 2 table spoons a day) will
creatly reduce your cholesterol build up
even though it's a 100% saturated fat
it's filled with acids that disolve plaque build up on the blood vessles
which not only lowers your cholesterol, but softens your arteries,
thus lowering your blood pressure

educate yourself!

and when you go to buy coconut oil (not only nice for fucking)
you'll be presented with a bottle that's $14
and one that's $8
the $8 one is just as good
it just doesn't have as much propoganda on the label!
but for medicinal purposes
the "unrefined" is better

you can eat it by the spoonful or cook with it: it's excellent for
frying and baking.

blah blah blah


all herbs have different uses, of course

i would recommend

not that you need a boost in your sexual energy (well, at least not around me)
but it's a great male tonic herb: good for soothing your nerves and
keeping your virile

also called "holy basil"
not terribly common around herb shops, but getting more so
there's a great company called "Organic India" (google them and buy it direct!)
i buy a pound from them a few times a year
the tea is naturally sweet
and is good for just about everything
from balancing the immune system to cleaning the lugs and purifying the blood
and it TASTES good
as does Oatstraw

for a kick (caffiene like substance )
get some Yerba Maté
also tasty-yum
filled with minerals and antioxidants
a friend said it's like "drinking liquid sunshine"

and what did i mean by the Yoga?
it wasn't bending over backwards to suck cock, no..
it wasn't to make your dick harder, don't needed that...
(but it's something i often teach people)

i think working your spine a lot would be good for you
laying in bed on your back with your feet flat, knees up
pumping your sacrum (as they say....) slightly lifting your pelvis up

or being on all your hands and knees, doing "cat-cow"
where you breathe in, drop your belly, lift your head up
then press back through your arms, butt back, arch your spine, breathe
all the way out

or it may have just been sitting in a chair (or standing, but i would
like to correct you for that)
and feeling your face
going through every muscle and every feeling
and releasing it
any tension or thought
just breathing in and breathing out
letting it all go: does wonders for the rest of the body too
(the jaw is key)

any of these
the most important part of Yoga is breath
breathing in very deep (through nose)
breathing out as fully as you can

in certain positions, it's good to breathe in til it's almost painful!
and breathe out twice as long!

and in all yoga breathing
it's important to breathe in LIFE!

in yoga it's called "Prana" in china it's called "Chi"
we don't really have a term for it in our culture
but it's basically the idea that everything is alive
and the energy that makes EVERYTHING a live is all around all the time
and simply by being aware of it and desiring to breathe in (or out!) more LIFE
more will come.

it is often pictured as Light
or Water
or colors of some sort...

play around

feel free to read this a few times
and ask questions!

where are you?

hope you slept well..


i still actually talk like this all the time
but rarely do i hear it.

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