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Vertical Prose

March 14th, 2009

A week in NYC @ 07:34 pm

For a week
I've been living as the kids are supposed to live
In new York city

I've come to taste the fear and excitement of the economic collapse
I've run my body ragged to soreness and sickness

Photographed for society pages
Face booked
Taken into back rooms
( not for sex in the dark )
But to be confided in
While a notorious denizen comes in
And borrows a key to take a bump off

The homeless people are in full force again
Getting harder to tell who's who
A man thrown out of the diner last night
Trying to inure himself with our crowd
Begging for backing
Desperately beseaching the waiter to let him stay
Shouting " I've got money! "
Brandinshing useless credit cards at us

I've not made any money in a week
And most of my pocket spending cash is gone
But this is how we roll
And without a fitting hitching post of the sun
We've little option but to roll on...
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Date:March 15th, 2009 12:02 am (UTC)
You should be here now.
About to head out to Tecopa.
Date:March 15th, 2009 04:25 am (UTC)

Please Mrs Henry, I'm down on my knees, I aint got a dime...

Although tourist trade is down, the locals don't want another telescope, and they wish the military would leave, things are pretty much normal in Hilo - just, more theft - some folks envy others, some steal from others.

Vertical Prose