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Vertical Prose

January 13th, 2009

wild love @ 12:39 pm

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i got caught in a wild love
i felt trapped in a wild love
made a fool by a wild love
i got lost in a wild love
-i got lost in a wild love

i thought that...
i woke up this morning dreaming that song
and i was like
do i know that song?
it's by daniel johnston right?
and i looked
and it wasn't daniel johnston
and it wasn't even that song
that i thought

there is a song called "Wild Love"
but it is by another daniel perhaps (no, it's a Bill)
a guy called Smog
he has an entire album called Wild Love
that i listened to a lot a couple weeks ago
coz i was thinking about Cat Power
coz of taking pictures
which i was thinking of in indiana
she covered a song of his called Bathysphere
so i got the album which has Bathysphere on it
which is called Wild Love

Wild Love

and the song "wild love" is pretty good
but it doesn't sound at all like the song i was singing
it's a totally different song

(wild love plays)”

Transcribed by: dominicvine
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