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Vertical Prose

December 30th, 2008

dry @ 12:31 pm

growing up in indiana
i shared many things with my mother

hating my father
feeling trapped
deep pains that couldn't be expressed

and dry hands in the winter

many of these things i've left behind
-- we're all working on it
doing the best we can, really

many of these things i've forgotten. . .

this trip has reminded me of many things
and this is the first time i've been HERE (indiana) in 10 years for a Winter time period. . .
i've only been here a week
and in that time
the backs of my hands became red, rough
last night
i felt a tear
and my knuckle was bleeding
seeping through the deep dry cracks of my hand

i'm so happy i don't have to be here any more.
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Vertical Prose