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Vertical Prose

December 30th, 2008

Farnsely & Elroy @ 07:13 pm

Full day at the house
Woke at 7:30
Did some yoga
And my sister took me to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned fir the first time in 12 years;
This is the last dentist I saw...

I have some cavities
And useless wisdom teeth that should be removed

I was amazed to learn that plaque firm tartar like barnacles:
Leaching the calcium from the saliva and making stone out of it around the base of the teeth...

Two hours in the dentist's chair!
Then back to the house
Where my mother made bacon and eggs (fresh picked from her hens last night)
Finished the local yogurt
And headed upstairs to help my dad with computer stuff for an hour
Then massage my mom for nearly two
Give my sister some music files ("freaky folk")
Then off to the airport

I convinced them not to park: just drop me off
I was scheduled to depart at 6:20
And had scarcely an hour

Kisses kisses and tears from my mom...

When I went to check in
The computer told me my flight had departed already...
A man looked it up on the computer and said there was no such flight
It had been rescheduled and was meant to have departed at 4:55
... But ended up being delayed until 7:20...
lucky for me, I guess
What the fuck is up with the airlines?

In security
A huge goon with a thick accent ate me up
Shoving me into a new detection device called Elroy
Using two magntes or something to image my entire body

This goon's name tag said "Farnsley"
I asked him how he got such a British name in Indiana...
He ignored me
Looked British
Sounded hoosier

I sat and waited another hour ascrge sun set
Lights kept turning on and off

Now in the plane
Tiny new ones

Waiting to fly. . .

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Date:December 31st, 2008 06:42 am (UTC)
"Useless" isn't a good enough reason to remove wisdom teeth. I'm 46 and I still have mine - I see a dentist at least once a year, and I've never been told I should have them removed. But if they're actually causing trouble, that's different.
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Date:December 31st, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC)
yeah, one has a cavity that is nearly pulpal
and it's super-erupting because it doesn't have a tooth below it
so it's "useless" because it's not actually chewing anything.
and just causing infections
which is always what they said it would do
... i still have my tonsils too.
no foreskin though.
Date:December 31st, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
I said goodbye to my foreskin before we even had a chance to get to know each other, which is too bad... but I do have distant memories of my tonsils.

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