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Last Night: dinner
we've been eating all day every day
last night we had two pans of lasagna made by my aunt Chris
a big platter of italian sausages: spicy and sweet
roasted green peppers and onions
mashed potatoes
red wine
i snapped a picture of the table just after i finished writing about "into the wild"
exhausted: we all ate
then had a gift exchange

i ended up with my father's contribution:
a carpet knife, level/square, duct tape, epoxy, gorilla glue and WD-40 pen.
my mother took my present: knowing full well what it was: an hour massage
even though i told her already i was going to give her one
so i was very angry at her for taking it (i didn't know the gift i chose was my father's, my mother knew the one she chose was mine... and my father's gift was the third one i'd picked: they kept getting stolen from me)
-- i've massaged my mother for years... why would she take it?
the whole reason i put it in the exchange was to have a new experience with a different member of my family.
i've always been ungrateful at christmas.
my mother gave the massage to my cousin Laura
i went up and gave her and hour shoulder/arms/hands/feet session
it was great
then the other girls were playing cards: BS
so i learned how to play
poured myself another Campari
and sat to drink with them

we took a break and watched a bit of Rounders
the TV always on (while we were playing BS they were watching some terribly tedious fishing show)
then we played ASSHOLE until everyone was fairly drunk
they all went to bed at 4 something
my cousin Ricki and i stayed up talking
-- most of her friends are gay
she doesn't have a regular job
no driving license
loves talented interesting people
a great freaky girl
who's also very compassionate and intelligent
i hope she'll come visit me in NYC

we went to bed at about 5:30
i fell asleep after 6:
i had to put my headphones on
listened to some quiet ending tracks of Arts&Crafts artists
as the snoring from my uncle was too loud

this morning when i woke
i thought about all the faerie gatherings i've been to... the billy gatherings
and how they were just like this
except we could all be naked
and fuck in front of eachother
and talk about completely crazy shit
we had a bit more fun
touched eachother more
and things were a bit brighter. . .

what am i doing here with my Family?

i started twirling my balls
waking up (after talking with my new cousin-in-law this morning about my travels)
watching my mother massage my uncle
i offered to chip in
and my mother massaged him
and my favourite aunt-in-law
-- it's fun to massage with my mom.

i laid out my cheese platter for them
they were all interested
nibbled and picked
as there was also a velveeta chicken hot sauce dip and wheat-thins
chili . . . and an organic minestrone
plus i warmed up some lard-bread

we ate til we were sick and tired, again

everybody packed up to go
the rest, waiting
began to watch "Knocked up" on TV

some of us went for a walk.

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