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Vertical Prose

November 26th, 2004

[old] hurts and hungers @ 11:33 pm

Current Music: snoring

one of the things that i find most piquant about how lovers hurt eachother
well... for me
we do the same things to eachother
(each to our own ability)

if i feel bad for leaving him in my way
off on travels...
he leaves me in his
off on travles
but when we're together
he's drinking, drunk and gone
or falling asleep
when i'm reading
falling into pattern

and who started this?

who ever starts it?

there is no Starting it
it just keeps happening

and when the pattern is finally noticed
we can sit and feel sorry about it

or inject some dynamite, maybe?

try and blow the whole thing up?

it still doesn't complete...

the only way i know
is to Move On
and try and find the one where we aren't hurting eachother anymore

looking at the whole scope of things
i would have to say i have some faith in that
because the Hurts have got to be much less severe over the years

in that i'm getting older
and things dull down

perhaps i Am getting wiser and knowing more
and hurting less
being hurt less

what's going on?

the world is turning into darkness
(i'm really only alluding to winter)
but i feel like i'm waking up all of a sudden...

such excitement
hopes and possibilites
as if my heart is salivating for desires it had long given up on

here we are again
let the banquet begin!
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
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Date:November 28th, 2004 08:36 am (UTC)


i understand, you're just mulling
that's cool

i don't really write to be outwardly responded to
i mean
i often write
just to get the jumble out of my heart and mind
to give me some space to breathe
and from what i hear in emails
most people resond to my posts in the quiet of their own room

thanks for noticing that i want to hear from you, though
and knowing that i want you taking my hand from time to time

i have a desperate desire to create with you
as a loved one
as a friend
[as a friend
as an old...]

i'm getting that intense rush of a feeling
where i just want to light the world on fire
and make it BRIGHTER

calling one all...

[take your time
choice is yours... don't be late]

Vertical Prose