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Vertical Prose

December 18th, 2008

Breathe @ 11:41 am

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Last Night
i did a performance piece at Nayland's "Misbehaviour"

the next one is on January 9th
i won't be performing again, but i'll be there.

my "piece" was a sort of meditation
-- i've been teaching a lot of yoga for the last four months
and have always enjoyed leading meditations...
the idea struck me as i was walking from class two days ago
through the driving snow, freezing wind
and feeling desperately sad and frustrated
-- it is meant to be a response to one (some) of Nayland's pieces in his retrospective at
i kept trying to write things, but it was just about our relationship
-- with all the "relationship" trouble i've had in my life
the idea of yoga, mediation, and freezing in the cold
i came up with this idea

the original recording i made on my iPhone i've put HERE in mp3 format

i had it playing softly in my ear last night, but ended up not really following it..
the video of last night's performance can be seen here: (in mp4, ipod format)
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Date:December 22nd, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)

This was nice

I was doing my morning work out while listening to the video performance. I was amused by the journey the breathing took. I love how it involved the entire audience. I was tickled by the "well your supposed to be in love but don't feel it, so pretend..." (bad paraphrasing).

Then it seemed to get very personal and intimate, but you bought it back around to everyone. Very well done.

Vertical Prose