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“So I think it started with getting away with blaming somebody once. It makes it easier to do it again and never is anyone else's fault and, and eventually of course leads to the severance separation vision you know and like creating a feel between 2 people. That of course was once there I suppose and that there's a ritual that, that moves the feels and put the feel back in place and if there is no love flowing between a person and other people or indeed the whole world and you say oh, well now I'm living in a world, where love is bullshit or love doesn't exist. I don't love nor do I receive love and when you ask yourself why would you do such a thing. It's like well it's not worth it loving you and it's not worth it, just worth it and what does that mean or is it, how does loving one person compared to living in a world without love. That is the worst in living in a world without love. Some kind of like freedom on your own, nothing to love, no one to love, no to love you, be loved by. The entire world works by love. It functions and grows and progresses to love and so of course. One must never completely cut off our love and maybe the worst of a lover is simply that he's a lover and that he's there and then provides someone in the world for you to love and be loved by. Even if the love is disappointing and, and but even if the style was loving. I mean disappointing on both sides. What if my style of loving is just blaming and blaming and blaming cos that's the easiest thing for me to do to look at somebody and say oh, it's your fault no, no it's your fault. As apposed to dealing with it myself but off course if I have a lover that let's me get away with that. Then that becomes my style of loving and in fact my contribution to the world is not doing anything at all but just blaming and, and getting away with it. A lover who's a fall guy. That's not a loving thing to do is it? To let somebody get away with that kind of bullshit. It's not worth it to love you but what's worth anything in the world without love?”

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