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Vertical Prose

November 22nd, 2008

Sweetheart @ 07:51 pm

" you are my sweet heart
You are my baby
You drove me crazy
Down lover's lane

You are totally sweet
Good energy
Fun to party with

But when I feel like you're following me like a dog
I want to kick you away

I love you
It makes me mean to you
Good pair
You love me
It makes you scared of me
That makes me hate you even more

If you're ever frightened around me
Give up right away
Coz it's never gonna work like that

I wish I cared differently
I wish it mattered to me in a way where I'd buckle down and learn to be patient and loving with you
Take the time to make you feel SAFE and loved
Assuage all of your fears

But I'm just not interested
I don't know why

I know you're just me
Just a scared
Bent-backed version of me
Just the fears I don't feel
The chubby shy off-shoot of me
From when I was nine years old

I just don't understand why I should save you...

Do you need saving?
You won't to away...
So I imagine not

If I put a lot of energy into making you a better person
Would you do the same for me?

I just don't believe you would

I don't think I would either

Perhaps we're at an impass
Perhaps I'm at an impass
Seeing that you only go where I go
Follow me around every corner
We're here together
And I'm so angry at you for not saving my life
I don't ever notice the tiny derivations you make
That might just save the day

Sent from an iPhone you gave me
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Date:November 23rd, 2008 03:22 am (UTC)


Greetings. My friend Erik from Chicago said that he talked to you lately, and he sent me around the internet looking at your material. And I found you on LJ and thought that I'd add you to follow your Path as you live it.

Vertical Prose