dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Big Lake

i posted about this about a year ago
but had a resurgence with it tonight.

coupled with the newest Radiohead video for Reckoner (which i posted a few weeks ago)
i love the apocalyptic feel this video has
-- as if some crazy old man is gibbering on about shit that has no more importance anymore because it doesn't exist
(in our post 2012 world where the economy has collapsed and there is no more USA or post office or shopping choices...)
rambling, remembering...

the music was done by Corey Dargel
who i quite like.
you can check out some other songs of his
from his performance "Removable Parts" (about the fetish he found on the internet: voluntary amputation"
-- of the three, i recommend "Castration"

his own website is here:

and don't worry: i'm not an apocalyte
in fact, now that Obama has been elected
no one is anymore: He has Saved The Future!
Tags: music, video
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