dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


My mother's mother's father was named Spike

that wasn't his Name
but that's what she called him.

quite a few years ago i met this guy named Spike on the
he lived in San Diego
a place i have never spent time.
"met" online. so
just chatted a bit

i loved his face picture
-- for the sake of this story we'll say he is what made me start collecting face pictures from that site (though i doubt that is true)

at the sauna
i saw some guy i thought was hot
he didn't seem interested
i saw him again
this time talking loudly to someone
in an over-ly animated way not often found in places like this

i stood outside the door as they touched eachother
they looked at me and i asked if i could come in
they conceded

much touching then happened
blah blah blah

"i'm a capricorn!"
blah blah
"i'm not from here, i'm from San Diego"

oh really, it clicked
i said
"and is your name Spike?"

years later
i pulled his name instantly out of my head

i am grateful for such things
i even told him about my great-grandfather (who i never met)
maybe that's why it stuck.

he happened to have the exact same Capricorn birthday
as my current Capricorn friend who introduced me their tribe in actuality.
actualities. (CLAR!)

and he said i had the exact same Gemini birthday as an X of his

though then we both admitted to eachother that we'd never had real partners

his friend died of a heart attack right next to him in the passenger's seat while he was driving
or was that someone else?

didn't he say he was afraid of gemini's?

i told him i'm still afraid of Aries
he has an aries rising
(as well, i just realized)


he had a beautiful smile
a magnificent organ
and he felt very good to touch.

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