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Vertical Prose

November 7th, 2008

are you a fan of Underworld? @ 02:15 am

in 1997
Underworld put out promos for their forthcoming album: Beaucoup Fish
a guy i vaguely knew from my home town was living in LA and working for an electronic music magazine
so got a promo of it
... on cassette

i copied it onto my mini-disc player

the transfer was less-than-perfect
at the time i didn't realize
but when the album came out and i heard the official songs
i was a bit disappointing
the tape-speed had been fucked up somehow (remember problems like that?)
so my recording had everything Slightly Slow...

i liked the album better that way
still, i eventually learned to love the CD release
... however
one thing i've never let go of
is how the song "Shudder / King of Snake" segues into "Winjer"
on the cassette
it was listed as
"Shudder / King of Snake: Winter"
i'd always been confused about the winter thing
when the album came out, it made more sense: Winjer

big difference is
on the album
they break the song in two
on the cassette
they flowed into eachother
as if just different movements of the same song

i think the segue on the album just sounds clumsy and dumb
but that's only because i heard the way it was originally intended

i suppose they changed their mind when they decided KOS was going to be a single
and wanted to make it easier for DJs to mix?
i dunno
but it pisses me off

and this is what i'm getting at

i'm pretty good at finding shit on the internet
but i haven't found it yet

does anyone have a file of that original version of King of Snake flowing into Winjer?

just a call out into kaos

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Date:November 7th, 2008 05:30 pm (UTC)


I looked through the Underworld listing on eil.com, which is a pretty extensive collector's catalog that lists pretty much everything, and I only saw an advance cassette with a few tracks, but not the ones you're interested in.

Vertical Prose