dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

on down the road -- into the body

i left the hermitage with Lewis Saturday

early that morning
i'd made a big vegetable broth

and then had a massage client
a Japanese guy
really sweet
he was 38
and just started having sex with men three weeks before

he wanted to hire me for a massage
coz he really liked my personality

he'd picked up on guys from Craigslist
and said it wasn't really what we wanted...
i mean
he could fuck these guys
but there was no connexion
no cuddling
nothing sensual or tender

i told him
' welcome to gay sex in the city '

then proceded to give him a three hour massage
and cuddling

but we didn't get out of the house when we meant to
a little late
as us gemini boys can be

down the hill into Calistoga
Lewis wanted to shop at this Indian store
where they had shirts
selling like hot cakes
of four indians holding rifles
with big letters saying
which, i had to admit, was very funny...

even more so
because the people who ran the shop were SO white
so white that the woman had a european accent
even though she was all dolled up in indian drag
and the white guy behind the counter
i overheard him saying to one of the suckerpatrons
"yup, i just went down an bought this off the rez..."
For how much, sir? what's the markup youbastard
but Lewis bought his gifts for friends back in Turkey
and we headed down the Silverado Trail as the light dissapeared over the horizon

but we arrived in SF pretty much on time to make the bear party
Trey comped me in
but they were short of Fives
so i gave them two
and was So tired (coming off four days of fasting)
i just cuddled up with Marty when i introduced Lewis to him
Lewis was so excited: a thin healthy man!
he started smoking pot and i barely saw him the rest of the night

saw Thom, Urso's red-bearded friend
sitting on the matresses against the window

he told me he'd had his eyes lazered
which made me wonder if Urso was sad that he no longer wore glasses
coz i know part of Urso's turn on is Nerdiness

then another guy named Tom sat down on the other side of me
and i cuddled and talk ed with those two
til Red Tom got up to go play
and another guy i knew, Ken
sat down
and then there was all sorts more of cuddling

how great is that?
to see all these beautiful burley boys walking around
whilst wrapt up in arms and beards and legs and bellies?

it seemed to go on for quite a while
i got up to get a drink
and saw my friend Wade
(uncut guy)
i docked with him and did a wonderful front fucking thing for nearly an hour
kissing, connecting, writhing
but not cuming...
i went over to sit by the window again
and this very Daddy guy i'd played with before
and stocked around the Castro once
was sitting there
i cuddled and played
just holding on to his cock and smiling at him
and when it got around to me sucking him off
it was full body connection
i came without even touching my cock
the same time he came
i love that!
that over-whelming force that drives the body
hungry and gasping
extatic and falling into arms
and what is this

i lay there a while more
cuddling some other guy with a nice white gotee
and some south american guy with a huge cock came over
and lay on top of me
with another two guys on my left
huge romping ensued

three hours barely moving and so much touching, feeding, nourishing and cuddling

the party went down hill from there
as it always does

but it was still great to see other friends of mine playing
watching beautiful fucking
the moans and screams
the rythms...

beautiful men
bristly hair
i was so exhausted
and there was this beautiful man
how can i discribe such a perfect belly and chest and furr pattern?
eyes and beard?

best not you
you'll have to meet him
but Marty was on Acid and took him to bed
and Lewis was so stoned
distracted me
i missed giving him my address i had written out for him
... still in my pocket now...

but i did get to bed
though i only slept a few hours really

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