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Vertical Prose

September 22nd, 2008

RFD survey @ 09:33 pm

i finished the RFD survey


i'd been fiddling with it half heartedly for weeks
only friday, rushing to get it done, did i figure out that there was some user-setting that made it impossible for me to actually do it (rich-text editing turned on so i couldn't edit the HTML code properly and no way for me to turn it off) the Admin fixed it for me and i hammered it out today.

i sent out an email to everyone as i was working on it
no one responded.
was anyone paying attention?
did anyone care?

does anyone care?
does it matter?

it's clunky
like everything else i feel about RFD
: unimportant.

but i keep waiting to get proven wrong

i'm always waiting for that
an old friend said that technique would never work
just make the change myself

where's that switch?
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Vertical Prose