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Vertical Prose

July 18th, 2008

Voice Post @ 10:32 am

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(no transcription available)
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Date:July 18th, 2008 07:05 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed the topic of this post (and this is something that I have to discuss endlessly with people--and, you're so right, people never think that "the event" in the body could be causing the chemical sequence of reactions, as opposed to vice-versa). but mainly what I enjoyed was hearing you sound so upbeat and focused. Go green tea! (PS--there's a funny, very rambling story by J. Sheridan Lefanu called Green tea about a nervous professor who goes insane as a result of drinking too much green tea--which makes him see this monkey that literally rides on his back all over London--I think it was too turgidly written for me to get through as a high school student, but is one of those snippets I've always meant to revisit)
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Date:August 11th, 2016 10:50 pm (UTC)

Transcription (1)

So yeah
i recorded a post yesterday morning
which by that means
for the day before
before i went to sleep
and i had headphones plugged in through an adapter thing that obviously did not allow the microphone to work
sorry about that
i will have to erase that empty space
what i was saying was that
when i was down at nude beach yesterday
as i was getting ready to leave and getting on my bike
and was trying to notice where i got off the path to go to the place that i like laying on the rocks
and for some reason i switched to this
storyteller voice of a little child talking to an old man
and i was like (little boy voice) “but how do you know that one thing is one thing and another is another? how can you tell one thing. . . .? and why is one thing One Thing and another Another”
The way that children often ask these existential questions
and their parents are like “SHUT THE FUCK UP” or give them stupid responses that don’t mean anything
and the old man part of me said ”well. . . there are many questions like that in the world that you will never be able to find the answer to. . . but you can know it”

and i just rolled that riddle around my head and try to find the best way to say it
and later
this was wednesday
i ended up working at the acupuncture clinic
and i work on all sorts of people
and i often end up saying very strange things to them while i’m massaging them
“well how is it that you deal with your energy?”
and one woman i’m working on is this big scientific guy
and she said “being around my husband has really made me appreciate empirical fact, that whole thing about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. . . they have been able to prove there is a chemical that causes a response in the retina that makes you feel like you’re seeing a light when you’re dying”
and i said “ well, you know, any event that happens in the body you can say the chemicals caused the event, or the event caused the chemicals. . . so it depends which direction you want to look at it at..”
that’s the way i see that

and while i was working on her
and i was working on her left foot
and i was talking with her about seeing ghosts
and having all of these experiences
like reiki and energy healing
and she was very interested and very curious
and whited over to her right foot
and suddenly she was like “all of a sudden since you switched to my right food everything you said doesn’t make any sense to me and i don’t believe anything your’e saying”
and i explained
“the left side is receptive and right side is giving and perhaps. . . ”
so i switched back over to her left foot to end the conversation
and said “so where i’m going with this Seeing The Light Thing is
there are extremes of existence and it’s easy to reduce them to Dark or Light
and so Seeing the Light is where you go where your soul is recorded. . .
it might be heaven
it might be whatever
if you want to record it and come back to earth and be a person who remembers it
you know
having that reincarnation experience
otherwise you just go to the dark
and you get recycled
you get erased
and your energy just goes back to the flow

she says “oh, that’s very interesting”

so i try to explain to her Reiki
it’s this endless flow of energy that can’t hurt anyone
it can only do good
so you’re using this endless flow of energy that isn’t your own and you never have to worry about doing anything harmful
and she said “but isn’t that wishful thinking”
and she was trying to get pregnant
and right after she said that
Jackie walked in and said
“you know, wishful thinking is where babies come from. . . ”
and i looked at her and said
“sometimes wishful thinking is the best tool you’ve got”
and i rolled that riddle around in my head
the little boy
. . . trying to explain her
there are some things you can never find the answer to
you can only know them just by knowing them
you may have known them your whole life
but then you come across them and you’re like
Oh, now i see it
and no body can ever tell you
. . . coz anything you say is going to simplify it and make it untrue
but you can Know it
and. . . sometimes wishful thinking is like that
when you actually Know it
and you have a positive spin on it
it can totally change . . .

Edited at 2016-08-11 10:51 pm (UTC)
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Date:August 11th, 2016 10:51 pm (UTC)

Transcription (2)

but that’s what i was trying to say
but it ended up not recording
it was 5am
i was even more rambly and less focused
but now
i’ve had a cup of green tea
and i’m talking about more clearly

thank you for listening.

Vertical Prose