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Vertical Prose

July 8th, 2008

I love where I'm living @ 11:36 am

there are raspberries on the walk home from the subway

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Date:July 8th, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
Just beautiful. When I was out in the woods on Sunday, I kept looking for wild blackberries or raspberries, but didn't find any.

Wild grapes sometimes fruit on the vine that twines around the gates at Amber Fox. A savor of Dionysos.

btw,Sister Selects arrived last night and my jaw dropped at the Beauty, Vision, and Raw Sexy Hunger of your work. The cover/back cover are the best ever, too. I just adore the back cover. So very sweet.

Did you see the Treasure Island sketch for Midsummer/Solstice? Very hot stuff.

Vertical Prose